Where are all the Dollshe Bermanns?

Oct 22, 2004

    1. Linda,

      That is a gorgeous shirt he has on in this last picture!

      I am not concerned of Narin and U-Noa being the same as so much of what you personally thought of each one on their own merits. I do like their faces much more than U-Noa.

      I do not have photo yet of Serendipity boy, I hope soon though.

      I have been surprised of the different face ups each of the Bermann's have that I have seen. I did darken my up a bit with some shadowing on the face and added lashes. He is my most handsome boy, I think...

    2. [​IMG]

      to Karin:

      some ppl say narin doll's body looks like u-noa,
      and i think i saw a post somewhere in doa talk about narin doll.
      some say narin doll copy u-noa's body "function."
      which like move the eyes to the right or left without opening the head.
      imho, i feel if we really have to be picky, then most of the bjd companies copy each other.
      i simply love the face of narea. ^^ i saw few pix on the korean forums.
      from what i see narin doll's body skin color is very much like soul doll, looks really good.
      ((unlike the pix on narin doll's website))

      i'm hoping volks will comes out a good sd13 boy for my type.
      or otherwise i'll go for a happy doll authur. authur looks like bermann a little.
      i think authur is the younger ver. of bermann. haha, just my opinion.

      bermann is really amazing. i just love him! :D
    3. Linda,
      I know, I got an email from Bimong, here is part of it:

      I like Unoa.
      And manufactured Narin&Narae by only my methodology.
      Narin&Narae is function developed more.
      I am hearing news that is preparing litigation in Japan.
      But, it can not succeed.
      There is no part such as the doll.
      Japan did not succeed although put on trial action to Korean doll company before.
      I am KoreaBallJointeddoll Association's representative.( http://www.ladoll.com )
      I am no part that mistake by legal to them.( http://www.bimong.com )
      I am teaching only my unique techniques to students

      If I understand the photos on his website properly. The eye mechanism is worked by moving the hands or arms. I may still order both in November. I just hate sewing for too many of the tiny ones! I left 16" fashion dolls because my eyes and fingers hurt so much after sewing for them for a couple of years.

      I agree, I think Arthur looks a lot like Bermann. He has a lot of the same chiseled features. More mature looking. I have Margo and I adore her, though she does look a bit anorixic!

      My spelling is terrible without word check!!!

    4. Karin,

      thanks for the information.
      i'm glad to hear Bimong has faith in his narin doll.

      now i really cant wait to see narea.
      >_< oh...november...it's so hard to wait.
    5. Now you've got me curious about his joint system. Can anyone get me some nice closeupf of a knee joint, or an elbow, or a better nude picture? His tall lanky body facinates me beyond all comprehention.
    6. It apears to me from the hand structure of this doll, that he is patterned after someone that is an XYY male. That would also account for his taller structure. I love his look. Of course my first husband had that look...
    7. Wow! I didn't like Bermann at all until I saw Karin's and I must say, he's absoulutely gorgeous! I'd never consider getting one myself though, he's just not my type. :oops:
    8. I love him! Something about his stature and expression seems to set him apart... He has such a deep pensive look to him. Not to mention that I've seen pics of Berman where I've SWORN he was real! :o

      And I love his hands. Many people probably don't cause they're very detailed and vein-y. But that's what I love about them!
    9. I just love Bermann's hands. The veins and he even has a wrist bone!

      From what I am told Bermann was made in the likeness of the owner of Dollshe. I was told that he is very tall and lanky for a Korean and can be seen about the crowds on the streets. He is also a runner and trains a lot.
    10. Berman is an interesting doll, but not really my style. It's cool how he has all the extra joints and stuff though. Very lovely pics everyone. :) Oh I don't suppose we could see some body shots? I've seen a few before, but I'd like to see more.


      I can't read chinese, is that a modified F-08 head? They did a very good job with the modification...
    11. Bowan is my favorite Berman. But Berman is one of my favorite BJDs. I'd never want to own him, but I was very gleeful when I finally found a nice picture of him that I could nick and hide away in my folder to look at sometimes. His face is really nice, but the hands are my favorite thing. I just like hands that look alive and real.
    12. Hi Zalem!

      I just recently took Vincent apart and put some wire in him for improved stability and took some body photos. Here are a few shots that illustrate his joints and range of motion:






      He was trying to do sit-ups here and fell over! :daisy
    13. WOW! :o

      I LOVE his body! And those joints are REALLY interesting. I've never seen a joint system like that. Do the thinner pieces between the limb opening and the main join part slide out/around for extra flexibility? That's what it looks like...

      :( Now I REALLY wish I'd knuckled under and gotten a Bermann when I had the chance...
    14. Hey Kiyakotari :wink:

      Yeah, those extra pieces also move. He really has a nice range of motion with those. Of course, they don't lend well to an aesthetic look, but they are very effective for getting tight motion on the joints that would 'stretch' with the normal ball joint anyway.... :oops:
    15. Hey Christy! Vinnie looks fabulous doing his work out!!! When you wired him, you had to take him all apart again? I was thinking of doing mine but if I have to take him apart, I will wait until I have more time after the 1st of the year. You just can't shove it up like the other bj?

      Karin *waving at Christy and cousin Vinnie*
    16. Hey Karin!! :wink:

      I sort of did it the lazy backwards way...I didn't want to take his feet apart so I started at the head. Everything came apart but his legs. I had the elastic inside still and resting between the legs inside the hip section. So all I had to do was take the torso apart. He needed repair anyway on some suede that was coming off. (speaking of...before, I had been gluing the suede in with the smooth side down and the fuzzy side up. Last night I switched it and tried it the other way and it grabs better--maybe {before} I was doing it wrong all along??)

      Anyway...I just folded the wire in half, twisted it a couple times--and then where it split, each split went down his thighs to his knees and stopped. I didn't even TRY to continue wire through his joints. But the wire probably extends up his torso about midway through his chest. It's some grounding wire I got at the local hardware store. It's insulated too so it's easy to work with. It's thick, but still thin enough to bend easily. It REALLY helps with the torso too which was needed for him badly.

      So the wire acted like a sort of 'pole' for me to stack his stomache and torso back onto and VOILA! You don't even have to take his arms out to do this...although I did since his arms needed a bit of repair too.

      The only thing with taking him apart backwards like this from the head is when he goes back together you have to grab your string tool and grab the hook back up through the neck and into the head which took alot of muscle and profanity (being it was late-night after work....ugh!) ....and TAH-DAH! He was fully attached again! It really wasn't that hard...but I know what you mean about taking him apart. Remember too....all of the parts on the right side have those little dots etched into them. That helps...but I sorta sueded over a couple of those, so you still have to keep track a little.

      Waves back frantically!! :love
    17. Sounds like a plan! I think my New Years resolution will be to go through each doll one by one and make them just absolute perfect no matter what each one calls for. For the most part all mine are sanded perfectly, except two of the newer ones, but there are several others that could use some tweaking, sueding and wiring.

      Sueding! That is the way I was told to do it. Rough side out. Hmm..gonna have to try that the other way. Thanks for all the tips on B-Boy!

      Karin *waves*
    18. WOW!, those are great pics!! ive never seen really good pics of Bermans joints before, truly amazing... Vincent looks awesome in all of his pics!

      Berman is deff my favorite resin bjd made to date,..seeing a pic of him last year is actually what inspired me to create my own doll, I just love his tall lanky proportions, i really wish there were more mature dolls like him :grin:
    19. Yes, they rather look like skeleton joints, lol. I'm surprised no one else has made a doll with a similar system, but maybe that's the reason.
    20. *ears prick* Do you have any pictures of your own creation?