Where are all the Dollshe Bermanns?

Oct 22, 2004

    1. Here ya go


      I now have his lower arm and hands, molded and cast,.. working on hips now,.. i need to take some updated pics,. hopefully by the end of the week before i head home for the holiday,.

      He will be about as tall as Berman, 29/30 inches when finished,.. my join system is mutch simpler, its hard enough sculpting clean simple balljoijnts :oops: , the amount of tooling and reworking that goes into a joint system like Bermans is truly amazing!!,..I hoped to have mine finished already, but im running a lil behind,..darn holidays :oops: lol
    2. Thanks! I'll comment there.
    3. Your sculpting is wonderful Donn! It is so smooth and the anatomy is great. Can't wait to see your final project all painted. Wow...and you're even using resin. You're going to have your own company soon me thinks... :wink: (glad you liked the B-boy body shots, yeah there aren't many pix that show his joints out there. Although, some Korean sites have him in alot of shorts....or even skirts--there are some great Bermann's as females believe it or not!)