Where do you go for BJD pics?

Jul 6, 2018

    1. Instagram is my main platform. My favorite part is that you can use the tags and find owner photos of almost any specific sculpt your looking for. Plus! There are some doll companies you can follow.
    2. I use Instagram. If I find a doll for sale or see that I am liking a doll, I will use the hashtag to see everyone else's customised ones to make sure I still like them.
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    3. I usually look at instagram or the doll profiles here on DOA. I like bookmarking stuff that I like, whether it be faceups or clothing, so I can come back to it later when planning a dress.
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    4. It used to be Flickr but I’m liking Instagram more. I do not recommend tumblr.
    5. If I'm searching for specific pictures I just use DOA, but for collecting pictures I like, I either use Instagram or reblog them on my separate Tumblr blog which is just for BJDs and other arty things (I also use my Pinterest board which is specifically for dolls)
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