Where Do You Keep Your Doll v2?

Feb 4, 2011

    1. Mine live in either their boxes or the doll carrier, depending on how recently I've been to a meet, or how lazy I am. My room is too small, gets too much light, and is entirely too cat populated for them to just hang out, more's the pity. Although I do have a little off-topic doll who hangs out on my desk with me...
    2. Usually I keep them in their "doll-house", it's a big closet. I'm making rooms there now.
      When I work (sewing), the dolls are on my sofa.
    3. Mine currently sit on a shelf along with their boxes of clothes and accessories :)
    4. My crew sits on a shelf in my room near my bed or on a small bench in my floor or if I am doing somthing on my bed next to me.
    5. anywere almost.
      In my handbag. (if I need protection to do something im nervous about)
      Near the bed when I sleep (to protect me)
      In my bed when I sleep (if they want company)
      On shelfs.
      Under my bed...
    6. right now my bunch is sitting on one of my pillows that is next to the place i sleep around xD though I try and take them almost anywhere I go (i drive a lot so i like the company :) though they are soo distracting xDDD )
    7. My Basil sleeps with me in bed and follows me places when im away for more than one day but mostly he stays on my bed were my dog cant get him
    8. Noire stays in her box... I'm afraid if I put her anywhere else she'd get squooshed or run over by my brother and sister or--XD; Besides, she has her big pillow in there, so I imagine it must be somewhat comfortable.
    9. Right now, Loki lives on his bed I made him. haha, He doesn't have a dollhouse, because he's a 27cm. and the next doll i get is gonna be a 40cm.
    10. My dolls sit ontop of the dresser in the closet. Now that I have two and one is SD I cannot keep them in their boxes. I'd like for them to have a chair or couch to share, but that will have to happen at a later date~ ♥
    11. My Dahlia has her own spot on my new dresser because she's too big to fit on the bookshelf with the rest of the brood. I hope to get her a chair someday. :)
    12. I'm surprised nobody else keeps them in their boxes under the bed like I do. c:

      Doll boxes are the perfect size to slip under that empty, unused space!
    13. I would do that if the area underneath my bed wasn't already occupied, but that's where some clothing and one of my husband's guitars lives. :3 You're right that doll boxes are basically the perfect height.
    14. Mine sit on my bookshelves, since I have no other place to set them.. luckily they do not fall with all of my stuff. :)
    15. They usually sit on my dresser (where the light from my windows can't hit them), in a little set up with chairs. However now that I've got a fourth, one kind of has to sit on the bed or on my desk lol. I need to reorganize a bit..

      I keep their boxes and carrying bags under my bed, however.
    16. I did that once for a time, but forgot to take the eyes out of the doll, and when the summer heat beat down and our house got hot (before I got a replacement air conditioner as mine was stolen), the eyes got all warped. :( Now I don't really care to store them that way because I get nervous. :sweat
    17. Mine usually follow me around. If I'm in the kitchen so are they, other wise they usually 'live' in my room. At night -er, actually during the day since I work at night- when I'm sleeping, I have them covered up and usually sitting on their boxes or on my computer chair. When I'm working they usually sit on the computer table beside me.
    18. My dolls sleep on a 3 bed hanging bunk bed. (A.k.a 3 hanging shelves in my closet. xD)
      Kotori and Geoff sleep on the top bunk, Illa in the middle(though she's currently only been sleeping with her Daddy Knox) and Knox on the bottom bunk.
      I would love to keep them out in the open, but i'm terrifyed of yellowing.
    19. Mine just sit on their shelf in the spare room. Just enough place for my current dollies :p guess I'm gonna have to buy another shelf when they breed xD

      I'm quite happy that it gets a bit warmer again, now I can sit in that room a lot more than during the winter. It doesn't have heating so it's just too cold. Though, during the summer it's also the coolest room in the place ^^
      Can't find a better place to put them, except in their boxes, but I can't really live with that :p