Where Do You Keep Your Doll v2?

Feb 4, 2011

    1. As of right now, they're mostly all in their boxes. Some are out, but not many. Later, after I get new carpet, I was thinking of putting them on the shelves but I dunno.
    2. I have shelves in my room above my bed where the cats can't get to so that's where my doll sits.
    3. I put mine in the black dollbage when I am not playing with him, and also mostly when I am not home. I trying my best to not let it contact with direct sun light.
    4. I keep my dolls all neat in a row on my shelf when they haven't (strangely enough) migrated to my bed. I put them on my sidetables when I sleep so that they don't take over >.> currently there is one wig, one doll head and one crochet stuffed elephant on the shelf, haha! My pukis live on my side table pretty much permanently at the moment. It was the best place for their living room setup.
    5. when I'm not home/come home late she's in her box (which is in the shipping box it came in on top of a stack of boxes on my trunk by the TV, probably not the safest place in the world but at the least the cats can't get her), it makes me feel kind of bad since I don't think she likes being in the box very much but she's safer that way
      when I am home/not going anywhere that day I take her out right after I eat breakfast and she sits on the couch with me all day
    6. Mine sit on my chest of drawers in my bedroom when they are not with me, the curtains never get drawn in there because the neighbours can see straight in so I don't have to worry about them yellowing. I only have two so far though so there's plenty of room for them to be out.
    7. They have a little cubby that's unofficially been designated theirs, but they tend to be on the bed beside me or on my desk when I'm studying. I like to keep them near me when I'm hanging out in my room so I can periodically pause what I'm doing and pose them quickly. they rarely leave the room, so I rarely get to hang out with them throughout the day.
    8. Mine currently live on my (extended) nightstand. I often seat one of them next to me on the bed or on my desk depending on the mood so I get to 'hang out' with them and do things with them (play, take some pictures, perhaps sew clothes...). Sometimes I might take one along around the house also.
    9. I have them around me in various places in my flat, a couple sat on my bookcase a couple sat on my fireplace, just here and there wherever they end up, i move them around quite a bit too.
    10. Ok, no one is in their box. everyone is either atop the dresser, on shelves, or in the floor but sitting on a couch or bench.
    11. I keep mine inside of a cabinet/dresser.
    12. I have a wardrobe in my room and my F60 Chloe sits inside on the top shelf on top of a pillow. On his lap is a smaller pillow which holds my MD Miho head.

      The heads I have that don't have characters stay in the box they came in. Just to keep the safe and so i know where they are for later.
    13. All but one are on a bookshelf in front of my bed.
      Sounds creepy, but I can lay in bed and just look at them. :3
      Although, my Pukipuki is going to go everywhere with me. <3 She's in the living room with me right now~
    14. My two girls are in my Volks carrying bag the majority of the time under my bed XP I do like to have them out cause they're so cute to look out and dress up but not lately :P

      If I had my own place then I'd probably have them out more often.
    15. My doll currently lives in a big opaque plastic tub, naked, wrapped in a snow white towel, laying atop his enormous collection of clothing. In two weeks, I am moving, then he will have his own bedroom, but by Christmas, my new Iplehouse EID Carina will be here, and he will have to share his room. I do not think he will mind. Next spring, I intend to build them their own house. I am planning to build it outdoors, of stone, with a slate roof, just like a real house.
    16. Once mine arrive, they will go on my nightstand untill I can work out their bedrooms... :)
    17. the only doll i own right now is on her own bed. i rather having her there than in the box. when my soom guys arrive they'll have to be happy with their own boxes until i can get them a big chest XD
    18. my parents don't understand about dolls :/ There are three drawers on my bed, but one is broken, so it won't open easily, so I hide my dolls there...my parents won't even try to open it :)
      hopefully when I live by myself, I wish to place them inside display cases
    19. Mine currently live in their boxes in my wardrobe, partly because I haven't got much in the way of clothing for them yet and partly because I haven't got somewhere suitably safe from sunlight and cats to put them on display. Since they're all SDs, they won't fit in my glass display case comfortably... and I'd feel a bit guilty about having them all squeezed onto a shelf together.
    20. In a cabinet