Where Do You Keep Your Doll v2?

Feb 4, 2011

    1. I just got a little wall shelf and I put it above my bed!
    2. When they're home, they sit on my desk since it's "L" shaped and I only need half of it. But when I bring them with me to college, my desk has book shelves and they sit there.
    3. I just asked this question to myself today! of course we have a thread about it, but for the moment till i have my own space such that i can build stuff and knock stuff down I have a doll size couch for them to lounge on top of my desk. So they watch me while i type away~
    4. I need to remodel my room. My first MSD is gonna likely gonna need a space of her own made....I got no idea right now as my rooms a mess but she'll likely have her own diorama made just for her soon.
    5. I need to re-organize my room as well. The two yo's officially have one shelf....but Nicky (an SD) sort of just travels about my room. He sits at the computer with me when I am not working on crafts/projects, and currently sits on the side table/organizer by my bed at night. :I I'll sometimes lug him into the living room too. xD

      I seriously don't know where to officially stick him and his things. xD
    6. I keep my dolls in my dresser away from cats and the sun.
    7. [​IMG]
      Untitled by RazzyBJD, on Flickr

      I like them being where they're in plain sight. Haha.
    8. My Kuuya sitting and standing on my Piano in my father's bedroom along with his sister DD Saber!
      I don't want to keep them in the bag all the times
    9. They usually sit on a shelf in my room
    10. My dolls ( bjd and non bjd) are mostly in a pretty display cabinet with a light, unless I take them out to play.
    11. I tend to move my girls around a bit. For a while they were on my shelf. But my cat started jumping up there, so I wanted them to be out of her way. So I put them on my book shelf. But then I got more books and they wouldn't fit. Then I put them on my doorless pantry. Then my bird kept littering seeds all over them.
      So now they're sitting at the head of my bed. I hope to get stands for them soon.