Where to adopt a muscular female body

Nov 2, 2019

    1. Greetings, fellow muscular female enthusiasts!

      I initiated a thread for Who Wants a Muscular Female Doll a bit ago and many people chimed in on their opinion (thank you for that!). Now that we've weighed in, and the thread was established to let doll companies know there was a deep interest, a few bodies HAVE actually come out in response. YAY!

      Some have requested a thread for the bodies out for sale now and perhaps discussion about them. I didn't make a size limitation on this thread so all are welcome, and if you have one to share or where to get one, please add it here. This thread also welcomes hybrids so others might create their perfect girl from various companies. Please post pics!

      I will continue to lobby for more bodies from other companies or variety within them- so far we've managed to get 2 companies directly to make us a muscular body: Miro Doll and Impldoll.

      Some Mirodoll bodies are off-limits here but the muscular girl one was hand-crafted, with proof, by a DoA member and is not in question at all, so should be safe. I am certain a mod will correct me if I am wrong.

      With that in mind, here is the list of muscular girls I know of as of this writing:

      Impldoll in Idol (70cm) and Starwoman (65cm) sizes

      Mirodoll muscular body in 62cm and 66cm sizes

      Iplehouse HiD female

      Classy Doll Toned body, now only available on the 2nd hand market

      Fantasia Doll muscular body, now only available on the 2nd hand market

      Nobility doll had one, but it was a special group order and only available on the 2nd hand market now.

      IOS had started one but it's been stalled for years

      boypink has one that has sadly stalled

      Rumors of Twigling coming out with one


      Impldoll Idol:


      Iplehouse HiD (Dollshe chest):

      Fantasia Doll:

      Classy Doll toned:

      MiroDoll Muscular 66cm female body:
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    2. Oh YAY for Miracle doll!!! WOOT!

      Thanks for the IOS pic! couldn't find it when I tried to link. Perfect!

      The Mirodoll muscular female if often maligned for her nude appearance. However, she was designed to look natural in clothing more than in the nude, plus she is very affordable and poseable. I like switching out the man hands (the body only was a new sculpt- the arms and legs are the same as the male 62cm and 66cm male bodies, so the legs are switchable for size, but the hands and feet are masculine. Here, she has one Impldoll hand and some other doll's feet... not sure whose) for a more feminine appearance.


      Miro Doll Muscular body

      Miro Doll Muscular body

      Miro Doll Muscular body
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    3. Now for some hybrids. Again, Miro makes a male body that is easy to mod into a female body and before Sicktress made the muscular torso, she modded the buff male body into a female in a couple of ways: one was to use an Impldoll torso and one was to mod breasts on the male body and whittle down the waist a bit for both. These bodies were ones she modded but I now own. This allows for several sizes: 60cm, 65cm and 68cm.

      With Impldoll torso and with modded breasts (and Impldoll head)

      Another hybrid I am working with is an Iplehouse EiD body with Miro Doll buff male arms, Dika doll jointed hands for males, and modded AoD 90cm male legs. I needed something BIG to balance a massive minimee head I refuse to give up on. I would actually prefer a larger body than the EiD (maybe going to a male body or modded Claudette body) but I REALLY want her to still fit the Impldoll dress. We all have our lines in the sand. ;) She now stands at 77cm with muscular arms and legs.
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    4. There's this amazing artist that has recently started to release doll lines and is planning on a female line next, I don't remember her DoA account name but she is dkeats888.03 on Instagram and posts there a lot. She makes super realistic sculpts, has made two lines of guys now and asked me opinions on a female line. I told her world needs more athletic woman bodies and that Fantasia Doll made a female body with a muscular and "regular" torso. What she makes is of course her decision, but at least now the idea is out there!
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    5. Yes!! I follow her on IG! That would be AMAZING if she did! I would trust her sculpting skills to make a very nice muscular body!
    6. Maybe with enough interest and support she will, at least some day! It would be so awesome to see that from a sculptor with so much skill!
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    7. I'll drop some encouragement in her ear! (though as fast as her first run of boys sold out, I doubt I'd be able to snag one even if she did bring one out. But BOY, I'd love to!)
    8. I have one of the Nobility Doll bodies. I can take and post pictures this weekend.

      I would love more muscular female bodies!! I would really like to see a more typical muscular shape for the female bodies. Many of the muscular female dolls still have a traditional feminine figure with just some abs carved in and a bit wider arms and thighs. It would be really awesome to have a doll that resembles a female powerlifter or bodybuilder. Their bodies have what would be considered a more traditionally masculine shape. I'd really love to have a female doll with wider shoulders, wider lats, smaller breast, wider waist, and smaller hips.
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    9. That would be fabulous, thanks!

      So would I! And it's now my next big press to reach for. While Impldoll's was based on a real life body builder who really does have those dimensions, I would like access to a more traditional form. I like thicker, too.
    10. Oooooh, I remember the Nobility doll muscle girl, she was GLORIOUS!! :D:D:D:D:D
      (despite her mobility issues from what I recall. Also leave it to me to love a doll that's impossible to get now haha :sweat)
    11. I tried hard to get one too!
    12. I'm all for this trend! Impl's muscle body was my first doll, with its beautiful but ridiculous hips-to-waist ratio. ( @chalyss you wouldn't happen to know which bodybuilder they based her on, right?)

      I think for getting a thicker, realistic muscled body modding a male one with narrow shoulders is actually the fastest way to go; at that level of musculature, the differences between a very muscular woman and a slightly less buff man are not that great anymore in terms of curves.

      What I would like to see is more natural-looking breasts on these bodies. The Miracledoll sculpt looks very promising in this regard; most of the others suffer from the look of having implants with visible outlines, for the smaller busts. Which is not actually uncommon with female bodybuilders, but... ;)
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    13. Andreia Brazier! Her figure varies a bit depending on where she is in her career, but her ABS! oh, her abs... rarely see a woman with an 8 pack! She's thicker now than she was in the pics I gave Impl to use for this body. And I admit, I went with this base for a reason- I was trying to check a lot of boxes (it is very, very hard to make decisions based on many people's opinions when they all vary so much) and not freak out an Eastern company with an extremely Western aesthetic. Impl was the first to answer my/our outcry. Many of us had hoped it'd be the HiD- we'd put comments on their boards for years, but in the end it was really nothing we'd asked for. Impldoll was game. They asked me for a model, I chose hers. And her massive legs and washboard abs they got straight on. (Not for the Idol- for the Starwoman. Her legs are very close to Andreia's. They didn't like the legs they made for the Idol so never sent them with the muscular body, as seen above. They will be releasing the muscular version of the idol legs in December, they said.)

      But part of this was to show the industry that YES, we wanted, seriously, a muscular woman. Some of the companies I had approached were not keen on entering that arena without assurances that the body would sell. We now have proof that such a body will sell and is desired. We have more leverage now.

      I have plans to mod an Impl TGB (3rd gen male) fully into a female for a proper body builder look. They've already seen the version I have before mods and liked it, so maybe we can actually get that. Of course, my version would be 70-72cm and pretty thick, but maybe it could be 3D scanned and scaled down.


      A bit of modding and it would work! I wanted her thick, really thick with muscle, and the Impl Gen3 fits my vision!

      A bit of modding and it would work! I wanted her thick, really thick with muscle, and the Impl Gen3 fits my vision!
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    14. I'm a new doll maker and I have plans to make a muscular girl! Her name will be Eagle. She will be 1/3 size, probably 62cm or so. I'm currently in the final stages of my first 2 dolls, so after they're released, I'll begin work on Eagle!! If you want to follow along with my progress, I post pretty regularly on Instagram as Kiaridoll. :)
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    15. Oh yes! Yes yes yes! I'll follow you on IG! That would be so marvelous! I know this is jumping the gun, but any chance of leg extenders or longer optional legs for a taller girl? Just food for thought... Very exciting though! Yay!
    16. Would really like to get Iplehouse Carina as a buff girl someday, but I'd also rather have her be closer to 60cm than 65. I was considering the 64 Impldoll body, but I'm worried about finding/making clothes for it. :sweat

      (Also, they've only recently been upgraded to on-topic but VMF50/Angel Philia's B-type body is rather buff. It's more on the curvy feminine side, but I'm fairly sure it's the only vinyl doll that comes close to the aesthetic.)
    17. I'm still pining for that boypink body. I have a head picked out and everything. Someday, I hope...
    18. (leeeaving Kitten here because the Impldoll Star Muscle body is GOOOORGEOUS)

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    19. I can't believe I'm just now re-finding this thread!

      I'd like to get a muscular girl body, but I'd be the one that would go total retro. I think I'd love to have Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman on a muscular body. :D I know she wasn't muscular during the original run, but I'd like to think that if female body building was a thing, she would have done it.

      Maybe I'll also look into having a muscular Xena: Warrior Princess BJD as well. :)

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