Which bjd can wear Blythe clothes?

Jul 3, 2008

    1. Gee, now I wonder if I goofed up and got YoSD size??!!! Maybe that's what happened! Darn! LOL
    2. Ingie ... it's a sign... you must need a Yo-SD sized kid? Maybe? ;)
    3. Get a Bambicrony... they can fit some Yo SD, some Blythe... XD

      *this is how the addiction spreads....*
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    4. Tinybear's LARGE Moona can wear Blythe clothes, but the tiny Moona would be much too small.

      Another O/T BJD who wears Blythe clothes is Freespiritz Pixiez Ivy. Mine fits most Blythe clothes perfectly, as long as her hands can fit through the sleeves!
    5. When I had a Mini Gem and a Soul Little, I put each of them in some Blythe clothing, but it was hit-or miss sometimes with the tighter outfits, especially pants. Seconding the "Bambicrony fits but is hit-or-miss/tight" sentiment. I had a Roxy Lucy who wore Blythe and Azone 23cm clothes, but they were a tad large. I've heard that UnoLa, the Elfdoll larger tinies (Hana/Doona/Kathlen), and ToYou fit Blythe, but I haven't owned them to vouch for sure.

      Here is a link of ToYou compared to some other dolls.

      I've also heard that Roonodoll fits Blythe clothes- one of the reasons she's on my wishlist! ;)

      Any word on Roxy Pandora? She looks curvy, but isn't she a little smaller in scale?

      Also, I think Kaye is sculpting an 8" tiny.
    6. I had a Roona doll ...again it was hit and miss
      yes your right too 133princess ...the Elfdoll Hana /Doona also fit a lot of the Blythe gear ...legs are a little short ..I go for the cropped leggings and they are like full length jeans
      or just cut off the legs of the jeans
    7. Yes, Dollshe Ru can wear at least some of the Blythe clothing. I don't have one myself but know someone who did and she used Blythe stuff for her.

    8. LOL "wad"! The only one I know of is Lati Yellow with the SP body. I think they can wear Blythe shirts as dresses and I've heard some of the shoes too, as long as theyre wide enough.
    9. Thanks for all the replies. I now want so many dolls that its kinda scary, in a good way.:aeyepop:
    10. Roxydoll Pandora can wear Blythe clothes. She's more petite than Uyoo, but she's too big for Bratz clothes.
    11. I guess it depends on what style of clothes you have. Bisou Ai can wear stuff like singlets or stretchy shirts, dresses with loose waists or some skirts with elastic bands if they're particularly stretchy. But her waist is too big for anything fitted, her hands can't fit through narrow sleeves and she can't wear trousers, socks or shoes meant for Blythe. Also knee-length on Blythe is ankle-length on Bisou Ai, it can look really cute but it's a different effect.

      I wouldn't recommend her as a Blythe-sized doll, but if you buy one and have a bunch of Blythe clothes, chances are you'd have something she could wear.
    12. *doublepost*
    13. I don't really have anything new to add, just to confirm that Lati Yellow Sp. & Bambicronys both fit blythe clothes. My tiny boys all wear blythe clothes and shoes ^___^

      The Lati Yellow Sp. can wear any of the tshirts, tops/shirts and even the Blythe coats. The shirts fit them pretty well in the body and even long sleeves tend to fit them fine although sometimes their hands are a bit big for the arms holes. Cutting tiny slits - or even snipping the ends of the sleeves off - fixes that easily. Also, the larger blythe shoes fit them - all the 'big head' (?) oversized canvas shoes and also most of the larger boots, just not the slip on 1/6th size canvas shoes.

      I've found that Niri, my Bambicrony Gun, doesn't always fit blythe clothes. T-shirts and tops fit ok, but they tend to fit more tightly and there's more trouble with getting the hands through the sleeves. They also fit into blythe shorts/shorter trousers and probably skirts (I haven't tried with Niri as he's a boy -_-;;) as long as they aren't too fitted around the hips and legs.
    14. Some Blythe shirts fit my Coco (Lati Yellow renewal) like little dresses. :p

    15. I'm counting on that. I have a sugar mag top for Blythe that I am holding back to be a sweet little dress for coco when she gets here
    16. I thought I'd bump this thread. We can now add DD-ANNE's new 23 cm girls to the list, she says they fit some Blythe clothes, I'll let you know when mine arrives.
    17. I have a Fantasy Doll Amber and he can wear a t shirt that I got from sugarmag doll.

      I am getting 2 Custom house Bisou Ais so I will let everyone know if it fits :)
    18. Here's a Bisou Ai that I used to have, in Pullip Prunella's stock:

      The skirt was knee-length on Prunella and floor-length on the CH, but it didn't really fit in the waist. The singlet was a good fit though. Pullip is slightly larger than Blythe, but often they can share clothes.
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    19. I have an Elfdoll Hana and can confirm she fits Blythe...I also have an Orientdoll Joong that fits Blythe clothes too...they share with my PpoPpo.