Which bjd can wear Blythe clothes?

Jul 3, 2008

    1. Tinybear's Large Moona and Gardenof Dolls' PoPo were pretty much designed Blythe size specifically for the purpose of making them easier to dress and Moona's legs are slender enough to fit Blythe stockings and socks too!!!
      The only things you have to watch with a lot of BJDs is the hands...most have much larger hands in than Blythe so short sleeves or stretchy sleeves are the ones to go for.

      Kaye Wiggs' Sage can also fit into slightly looser and stretchier Blythe outfits (Plus she fits most Barbie clothing too!!). Her legs and feet however are too wide to squeeze into anything other than extremely stretchy Blythe stockings.
    2. Yeah...some things though PpoPpo's thighs are a killer :D She's got curves...my Moona was too spindly for my tastes.

      Hana and Wol fit the stockings too...PpoPpo fits the stretchy ones but her foot size might be an issue (3.5cm vs 2.2 on Hana and 2.5 Wol)
    3. thnx to everyone who contributed to this thread, it's been a God-send :D
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    4. bump, I'm wondering if any new dolls fit Blythe clothes!
    5. I find that sweaters and cardigans for Blythe fit the Doona size Elf dolls perfectly even the sleeve length.
    6. Leggings and skirts fit them too...pants are too long but fit okay
    7. Blythe clothes are too tight for the (new body) Soom Mini Gems. A looser dress may fit, but they won't be able to pose well.
    8. A problem for me is that Blythe hands are smaller than bjd's so the Blythe clothing sleeves are never wide enough for the bjd hands.
    9. I have a Dollndoll Sugar who sometimes wear some Blythe clothes, especially dresses that are a bit loose. Shirts are ok as well though long sleeves are too short of course.
    10. Hi I'd like to bump up this thread. Maybe there are some new BJDs who can wear Blythe clothes? There are so many wonderful handmade clothes for her out there.
    11. Mask Cat 21 cm dolls fit Blythe clothes almost perfectly, as well as being wonderful dolls. Their arms and legs are shorter, and the waist is a tiny bit bigger, but even shoes fit, except for the plastic ones.
    12. Someone in another forum said that the now-discontinued Sugarble Sugarsleek line can wear Pullip and Blythe clothes, which is one of the reasons I bought them- but, as mine haven't arrived yet, I cannot yet confirm this.
    13. Thank you so much for the info! I didn't realize Maskcats could wear Blythe. I have mine up for sale and may change my mind now.
      I hadn't heard of the bb flocklings before- they are amazing.
      I've heard about Sugarble, what a shame they stopped that size.
    14. RealFee can wear Blythe dresses :-)
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    15. Lucy & Lisa by artist Ana Salvador fits Blythe clothes and Blythe shoes perfectly. The dolls are on-topic here on Doa, but sold out on the artists site. They do pop up on eBay 2nd hand once in a while :3 Resin ball jointed dolls by Ana Salvador
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    16. MerryDollRound's Mousse can fit Blythe/Azone Pure Neemo M clothes and shoes almost perfectly!
    17. She's great fun wilkies, I almost bought her instead of Muffin. I do have a Realfee so I'll have to see what works. I'm so happy to find such an interesting quirky girl that comes with everything at that price. Too bad we won't be seeing them on DOA.
    18. HeartStrung Ruse wears most Blythe clothes! She is taller than Blythe, with a slightly narrower torso and wider hips, but anything that isn't super-short or fitted on Blythe works really well.
    19. I also own a Ana Salvador's doll (Lisa sculpt), she fits Blythe clothes perfectly! Also Jerryberry dolls look adorable wearing Blythe clothes :chibi
    20. Leekeworld Chloe, Daisy, Little Sunny, and Mini with B type art body can wear some Blythe tops especially short-sleeved t-shirts. They can also wear Blythe dresses that have full skirts as tops with shorts or leggings. <3