Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. In my case the head is coming first - though I wanted to buy a whole set together as my first,I found that it was more prudent (at the moment) to get a different doll I wanted this way first.
    2. Right now I have over 10 dolls. I have only purchase ONE head (although I have other heads that came with my whole dolls). So I can't say I ONLY buy whole dolls, but close enough! :D

      I can understand buying heads or bodies alone... I've just been lucky to be able to find whole dolls I like at prices I like, since I like resins and bodies to match and am not a bit fan of bothering with matching resins and heads to bodies, etc.
    3. Because I only one of my dolls came to me complete I can honestly say the head comes first. It's because most heads I look for are limited and sold out from their company. The bodies are much easier to buy, so I go for the difficult part first.

      It's strange, 'cause I really don't like having floating heads. I much prefer to have an official boxopening, but unless I go for non-hybrid, non-limited dolls that won't happen.
    4. TWO heads came first :D I bought both of them here in the marketplace, and now I am saving money for their bodies :3 it's kinda strange to have heads floating around just waiting for bodies. ^^
    5. two 1/3heads comes first, but a body of 1/4 comes first
      I always like buying the full doll together but there are lots of accidents
      so,it depends
    6. Out of the 7 dolls I own, 4 are limited fullsets (don't get too excited, 3 of them are tinies) and one was a complete basic doll. The exception is my two youkai girls. They were a Minifee "limited special", which meant I got two heads and one body...a boy body :x. So I kept the heads, traded the boy body and entered group orders/splits for two girl bodies. I voted "head first", but really it was much more complicated than that! Then I keep forgetting about poor Nanuri 07, who has no body, no eyes and no face and no hope of any of that changing anytime soon...
    7. I've only bought one head before I had the body.
      Otherwise, they've all come strung together :)
    8. I've not yet ever brought a floating head or body. All my dolls have been complete from the begining, or both parts arrive at the same time so go together right away.
    9. I bought a sleeping Shushu head to try out some face-ups and I liked her so much I planned to get her an MNF body so she could be a complete doll, but because I like her with closed eyes, I didn't want to get an open-eyed Shushu because (I am very weird) I didn't want my original Shushu head to be sidelined. I ended up really liking the Rheia head, so I bought an A-line MNF Rheia and she and Sappho (my Shushu) will share bodies. I'm also ordering within the event period, so the likelihood is the Juri M head will also come home with my Rheia, so I'll have three heads sharing one body :s
    10. Both of my girls have come in one piece. Though I don't know why I'd buy a body first... **shrug** Personal opinon.
    11. If I can both, But if not head then body. But I don't like floating heads around since I feel bad for them.
    12. When I first saw Nanuri07, I knew my first boy would be a floating head. I had him for a good 4 or 5 months before I got his body in December. So... head came first.

      However, for the next two boys, I hope to get them in one piece. Floating heads are awkward lol
    13. Hmm... well for my two first dolls I got body and head together. The tinies I wait for are going to be whole, too. However I also ordered a head, because I want to make a hybrid doll. The body will come later. :sweat
      So it's both for me.


      PS: oh, June, I forgot to... AAAAAAHh!! :abambi:
    14. Heads first... I'll probably end up with a Fairyland event head soon (my first floating head!) and so it will need a body.

      I usually buy the full doll, though.
    15. I've bought all my dolls as whole dolls..~
    16. I buy if possible only complete dolls. I think babys come in one piece too,so...

      But sometimes there are beautyful heads you can not let be.
      Or sometimes there are second heads.
      So IF I would buy separately the head comes first.
    17. I may find myself getting a floating head eventually (I intend on getting a minimee eventually) But so far, my darlings have been pre-assembled.
      Emma was bought at a convention and Yun was a fullset from DZ soo....:D
    18. Aha, I can't really say much yet because I've only bought two dolls :) They were both whole dolls, body and head. But that's because I had the money for them. When I think about my future doll purchases, I would mostly buy only head or a full doll. Or well, if I found a body for a good price or one I know I might not be able to buy later... Then I might buy just a body.
    19. The head.. Floating heads are more fun than floating bodies? xD

      And my first doll was only a head for 2 months because I had to try to mix-n-match the head with different bodies before I decided which body that looked best.
    20. Heads always come first before the bodies for me.
      Eveytime i search to buy a body for a head i own i find another head and buy it.