Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. Both at the same time :)
    2. Well, I bought Mike whole first, but Kyo, who was a head, arrived first. So it varies with me.
    3. i like buying full dolls if i can but most of the time i cant, since my imagination runs faster than my paycheck can keep up.
      i have 4 floating heads waiting for bodies. but for Severin its body first and his brother its head first. His brother is using his body. >.<
    4. Usually I buy head and body at the same time, but with my David Tennant Minimee, I only got the head. He is currently hooked on a hat rack in my room, like a security system or something :sweat. I was saving for David's body, when a Johnny Depp Minimee came on the market and I had to have him. David's still waiting for a body, poor lad.

    5. I voted that I always buy head and body together, because that's how I plan to do things and have done it so far. BUT, I do keep a watch for heads on the marketplace, because I wouldn't be at all opposed to getting heads first and then bodies, especially if there was a great price for the head, or an awesome faceup. The body would have to be a super-great deal to get it first.

      EDIT: Now I have a new body for an existing doll coming, which will leave me with an extra body lying around, so I've bought a head to go on it. So the body the new character will have is already here, but won't be his until the new body fro the other doll comes, which will be long after the head arrives. I'm not sure how to count that one!
    6. Hahahaha! My whole crew (save for Rion,glenn,Ginny and karst.) are nothing but floaters.....o_O i think i should be scared now...

      "they all float down here" - Pennywise the clown

      so i vote heads!
    7. I`d prefer to buy my dolls head and body together.
      If I ordered them seperately and one arrived waay before the other, I`d be so impatient. XD
    8. Head first. Because that's what I fall in love with :D
    9. I have to have bodies for all of the heads. I just can't do the floating head thing and have two or more heads sharing a body. I know it's more economical that way, but I just can't do it.
    10. I buy the head first, because I don't have enough money for a whole doll at once.
    11. I've always bought the head and body at the same time, though if I had the opportunity and the price was reasonable, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the head first without the body.
    12. Well, it certainlly wasn't intentional but....I've wound up with 3 floating heads in the works at the moment. I had just finally decided what new direction to take with my collection after clearing out the last of the SDs and starting over from scratch. I spent months deciding on exactly which smaller sculpts I wanted for the 5 characters I intended to do. I figured I'd purchase them slowly over this year so as not to be a financial burden. But suddenly it was like the marketplace just exploded on me and all 5 sculpts showed up within a few weeks of each other! The first doll, a Batchix Machina, I stumbled upon complete in the marketplace...the second one was a chance to get in on a MSD Johnny Depp minimee go at the last minute...the third was a gorgeous Dollstown head with a face-up I absolutely adored...the fourth was a chance to snag an El head in a minifee split...the final one was a complete Lati Green Senny at a great price. My pocketbook was doomed, I tell you! So now I'll have 2 complete dolls and 3 floating heads that I'll have save hard to get bodies for slowly over this years time. It's going to be so difficult waiting on their bodies!:doh
    13. If I don't buy them together (Which wasn't possible with Sparrow and Ace) I buy the head first. Something nice to look at while I'm saving up for the rest of 'em. :lol:
    14. I will be buying my boy all together, because I find that when I buy Obitsu heads to customize, they look at me like they're MAD at me for decapitating them. or is that pre-capitating?......... -_-
    15. I bought my Dillui head early last year and bonded with her as a head first....finally bringing a body home this month. (as soon as I pay for shipping)
      I also have a gorgeous AES head now that will probably get a body next year. In her case, I bought her on the marketplace...she was a good deal, plus I fell in love with her faceup so it was worth not buying her complete.
    16. I voted for the head and body together because that is what I have always done so far. I am going to have to get just a head for my Ryu because he doesn't come with a body. Ordinarily, though, I like both at the same time. It is less expensive buying both at the same time and then I don't have to search high and low for a matching body and hope when it arrives that it does match.
    17. I typically buy the head and body together. However, I'm hoping to buy an El Special soon that will come with a dreaming head. I don't intend to buy the body for the head until after I send him out for face-up/modding and he returns. I don't like the idea of a headless body lying around if I can avoid it XD
    18. I always buy the head and body togethers... I have one head and I am waiting other head, but they are of a event... someday I will buy 2 bodies xDD
    19. I haven't had any floating head of headless body yet. So far my boys all arrived in one piece. However, for the next doll i'm saving, i believe the head will come first. It's gonna be a migidoll miho so i wanna make sure about the resin match before ordering a body for him
    20. I've not yet gotten into mixing and matching. Maybe I will down the road but right now I guess I'm pretty limited in my vision.