Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. For the most part, I tend to fall for limited full sets...and in that case I get the head, body and THEN some. However, there have been some cases where I wanted a specific headmold and the body came down the line later. The problem with this however - if I don't get the body soon enough...I lose interest and sell the floaty heads.

      Oh how fickle this hobby can be ^^
    2. Always the head... thats the most important thing for me. The body (for me) is not as important, but ofc it should be nice too, etc. So always the head first for me.
    3. I do have 6 entire dolls, but I'm guilty of having 3 floating heads. I am eyeing the tax return and my husband is eyeing me back LOL. I hope to get at least one of them a body, but all 3 would be perfect.
    4. Generally, I buy them together but if there ever comes a time when I buy them separately, the head is always first.
    5. well, for me, Tali is the only one who hasn't come complete, and his head came first.... I had wanted a fanged sweety for so long, and when I saw him, he stole my heart. And he was priced RIGHT in my range, so I HAD to. I couldn't pass him up. Someday he will have a body.... someday.... lol
    6. If possible, head and body together but if that's not possible then the head.
      Heh, I do have Nara Elf-head that waits for body at the moment. :)
    7. The Head. It's more imporant to me than the body
    8. I haven't gotten my first bjd yet. But I think I would buy the whole doll at once... I'm too affraid the resin wouldn't match if I got the head and the body separately.
      Well I could always end up buying just a head if I really like it!
    9. Head. I don't care much about the body and its posing abilities - the face showing the doll's soul is the main thing for me.
    10. i chose the head if you have to decided between head or body, head is is what determines the personality of the character, body is secondary in my opinion. But if i have money enought i will bought the body and head together
    11. So far, I've only had one floating head (though another one is on his way in..), but if I can I prefer to to buy them, head and body, at the same time. Saves on resin matching pain, haha. Still, if it's a limited/discontinued head, I'll snatch them up if I've been looking for them^.~
    12. I always buy a head & depending of the style of the head i buy the shape.
    13. I always buy the head and body together, but in the event I see a head with a nice faceup for sale I might jump on it. So if I don't buy the head and body together, the head comes first.
    14. i try to buy the complete doll because is really hard to match the resin, but when i see a doll that i like a lot and just sell the head, i star to think in hybrid it, i have one already and the head came first
    15. I always get the head and body together. Resin matching is important to me. :) Plus, I like to enjoy my dolls the way the artist made them to be.
    16. My bodies and heads have been ordered separately on both my on-topic dolls. I couldn't get them from the same people. But for both, the decision was for which make and model first, head picked to accommodate the body.
    17. All of my dolls have been head and body together, that is preferable. However, I do not mind having to buy the head or body first, but I preferably want the head first. That way I can actually look at my character's face instead of just his/her body....that's no fun :|.
    18. I have a nice collection of floating heads. I'm always looking for a suitable body but I can't pass up a sweet face.
    19. Normally I bought both head and body together but sometime for limited or wish mold, I would buy head first (if I couldn't afford for the whole doll at once) and then find the body later. :)
    20. For me, If I will choose to order first because I have limited budget, I prefer Head first.
      Because head is difficult things to do, especially if it is new icon or character.
      Body is much more generic than head. You can find body almost similarity but head much more difficult.

      Thank you Guys for reading!! :thumbup