Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. For me it would be the head but some companies won't sell the head unless you buy the body too....
    2. Yeaaaaaa I can't get a Bjd that is just a floating head or just a headless body. I need both at all times.
    3. The head in the first place. The body can and then select.
    4. I would say head first. Now I am searching for the body. I dont want the head to stay floating for too long.
    5. I always try and buy both head and body together, but sometimes it's just the head. Or it's on the marketplace and only the head. Sometimes I only have enough money for a head and not both together. So really depends.
    6. As a general rule for myself, I always buy both a head and a body. Even it it's a hybrid or a head I really, really want, I'll make sure both are in my grasp before buying one or the other. I don't like the idea of having floating heads or bodies around without a purpose. I like to plan my dolls out extensively so I feel that I'm utilizing my money in the best way possible.
    7. I have gotten both of my dolls with their heads, but the second does not yet have the head attached to the body. I got her separated so that I can practice doing a face-up first. I want to learn body blushing as well.

      That said, first I choose the face and head. If I don't like the sculpt of the head, then I don't look any further. Some types of faces do not attract me, I don't like the very "hard" faces on the female dolls, too pouty, or the cartoonish overly wide-eyed innocence of some of the smaller dolls. This is just exactly what some people love. There are dolls for everyone. Of course, I have seen company face-ups, two or more on the same model that so completely change the doll's expression that they appear to be completely different. That goes ditto for some models shown in very different color resins.

      If the face, expression, passes muster, then I check out the body. I have developed a taste for double jointed dolls with many joints, the more the better. I do not own a 3 part torso yet, but most likely I will. Detail on the hands and feet, are important, then I check out the wrists and ankles for clunkiness.

      That said, there is boy Soom head on a spider body that I really like. I have considered getting the head and pairing it with a Soom child body, not sure which sex I would choose. The expression and sculpt on that head so looks like a nice child, I really like it. In any case, there are three dolls I wish to aquire as well, I don't really want a huge number of dolls. At least now. Besides, just window shopping is so much fun.
    8. Together is the best... but if already had the body or whole doll, I sometimez bought head first and shares body.
    9. I hybrid a lot but I never buy a head without a plan for the body. I'd have a million floating heads if I did!
    10. Together is best, but otherwise head first, then hope to match a body to it.
    11. The head. Actually two heads. I ordered a head on sale and wanted to get the full doll but didn't have the money at the time. A month later a body from a different company was on sale so I got one. Now I can't wait for both to arrive, but it is going to be a couple months.
    12. For me, it really depends on how much money I own : a lot = head + body, a little = just the head.
    13. Usually the head, because if I have a certain sculpt in mind for a character, then it's rare I'm ok with compromising that. If I can't get that particular sculpt, I may not want to shell the OC at all, or a future head I find might not match the body I chose. I'm usually not as picky about bodies. However, I have bought a body first when I knew for sure which head and body I wanted and found a good deal on the body first, or when a hybrid I planned failed, I might sell the head and reuse the body if I like it enough.
    14. It depends. I have two heads here because of a sale and I was too short on money to also buy a body but I was really craving for the molds and they were about to be discontinued so I kinda "had" to get them. As for now I would rather get body and head together so the skincolor matches best. Except if there is a company who only sells heads or if the body looks not like I want it to look.
    15. well, if we are talking about our first ever purchase, then mine was a floating head. i will try to buy full dolls from here on out though, except for the one hybrid i have planned!
    16. I voted "buy body and head together" because that's what I prefer to do. In Johanna's case though, I ended up buying the heads first. I wanted a Juri 2013 head, but there was no way I could afford a full doll. So I bought a couple of heads and I'm now enjoying their presence in my life. I look forward to the day I can afford a body, but until then I'm content with just the heads.
    17. Full dolls, always. Floating heads and I do not get along very well.
    18. If it would be my first doll, I preferred buy head and body both.
    19. I'd go for the head first...I even think of collecting several heads but will suffice with 1 body, lol...that way, I can just change the heads to change my doll's entire look :lol:
    20. Prometheus: body first--it was the most realistic body I had ever seen, and I knew I wanted it for a doll (for the concept and the purchase)

      Eurydice: the head first--finding both the right head and then the right sized body with the correct proportions (I needed a narrow waist for a MtF mod) was hard! (for the concept and the purchase)

      Kore: body first--it was the second most realistic and poseable body I found--and I really love the joint placement (the concept: body first; the purchase was the opposite--bought the head first)

      Orpheus: head first (purchase and concept)--I needed one with separate teeth and passably Afro-hispanic features. I had no concept for the body--I just wanted it to be curvy. I wasn't terribly attached to the Limhwa body (relatively from my other dolls), but once I received it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

      Dolos: head first and body was for another doll--I just temporarily hybrided it when the body arrived and it worked so well!

      Hades: I purchased the head first--like almost a whole year first, and the body came after, but conceptually, the head and body were always a package deal

      Hermes: I purchased the head first, and then I had to find a replacement body when Dolos stole the one I had planned (originally I wanted a Spiritdoll Herculean, so the Dollshe body was never part of any concept of a doll--and then I decided it was too tall)