Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. I buy a head and body together if at all possible, because I don't like having floating heads. Since I rarely have specific characters or personalities for the dolls before they arrive, and I'm not too picky about mobility, the default body ends up working fine in most cases.

      The exceptions to this are when I order artist heads, or receive an extra head due to an event, or when a particular doll always comes with a second alternate head (like Soom sometimes provides with their monthly dolls). They get their own bodies eventually, but the head will arrive first in those cases.
    2. While I have mostly bought complete dolls (head plus body), I bought one body without a head on a whim, so she still needs to be completed. :sweat
    3. To be completely honest before I found my 1/3 size doll family h practice head for $25 I had convinced my self I would never be able to afford a bjd (what a silly thing to tell myself!) And to make it all even better, my Zhuangyan head has the most perfect vampire fangs and pointy ears! So yes, the head came first for me :)
    4. I almost always buy the head and body together, but if I am going to hybridize, I buy the head first.
    5. I think if you have to chose, it makes sense to buy the head first, so then you can get a feel for the personality and pick out the body accordingly!
    6. Both the body and the head for me. At least, that's the case for my first doll.
      However, I do own two, floating doll heads.... which beckons me to buy them bodies next. ;;;;
    7. Mostly I buy full dolls but i bought body only and regret it because option heads from volks are w/o makeup and they have no option for that so i screwd that up (send it to someone as a gift in the end :P)
    8. I am in love with Miracle doll miao and I don't know when they stop making certain thing since I'm new so I just ordered it right away. I can do a body later lol. He's so pretty can't Waite till he gets here :)
    9. I bought the head first. I was in Tumblr and by complete have came across a post that was looking for people to participate in a custom head. I replied saying that it would be cool, and they messaged me back asking if I wanted to be part of the group. Now here I am months later and my custom Solas head is about to be heading (no pun intended) my way! And I'm super excited
    10. For my second doll I brought the head first and then spent the time looking for a body that I really liked.
    11. I normally buy the head and body but I received my first floating head this summer. I don't believe I will be buying any new dolls until she gets a body. It drives me mad to see her without one :...(
    12. The head, always. I'm too picky with heads and not so much with bodies. Although many times head and body have arrived together.
    13. I got the head first since I wasn't really sure whether I want to get in the hobby right away. The head was a limited one so I got it first and then slowly decided thereafter. It was also cheaper for me to get a body from taobao dealers since USD isn't wallet-friendly for me haha
    14. I plan on hybriding everything and since the head is
      1) cheaper
      2) I want to make sure I like it
      3) usually the thing I am most inflexible on
      I always get the head first. I had two heads floating for a while, and now my boy has a body, I want to get my girl one. Then I might add another head I have had my eye on, only this time I also have a body in mind, so they might just come together.
    15. I mostly buy full dolls, but when it comes to hybrids I always buy the head first.
    16. I buy both together. I’m usually a sucker for fullsets too so most of my dolls come complete with outfits/wigs as well. I have had a couple floating heads on the past (gift heads etc) ... but not for long. Right away I was searching for bodies. I can’t stand the sight of a floating head in my collection.
    17. The head is what matters most to me in a doll. If I like the default body, I'll usually get them together. If I don't, I'll look around for hybrid options, so I usually have a body in mind even when I just get the head at first. I'd rather avoid having a floating head and no idea what to do for the body, so even if I don't get the body right away, I feel better when I at least have a plan. For the head I have on order at the moment, I'm planning to wait for it to arrive to make sure the body I picked out actually fits the aesthetics.
    18. Head first fo my avatar doll, but my second hybrid I ordered both the head and the body from ACBJD. They will come home as a full doll. I mean a Dream walley-Ringdoll hybrid..
    19. ....a little bit of all three?

      Okay, I mainly shop for bjds to shell my OCs, and there have been times where I got the head first, ordered the body later. I've also had a couple cases where it was the reverse. I've also bought dolls in full (the girl I'm currently waiting on the arrival of is both the head and body). It really depends on what I come across first that fits what I'm looking for.

      I guess you could say it's a crapshoot for me:lol::kitty2
    20. Depending on the doll. For a few I found the head first and then looked at a body type that would suit.
      For others I found the body first :)