Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. I prefer to buy both together. That being said, I did once buy a head for a doll I really wanted, then a body.
      Alas, they did not suit, so I got another body, but that meant that here was this headless doll. So I hunted up a head for him.
      That means I have done each, both together, head first, and body first.
    2. If I like the body enough, I get both head and body at the same time.

      But I also follow a lot of little studios that do heads-only and sometimes I don't like the company's body.

      So in those cases, I plan the doll head first, body later and look for a body that fits the doll.

      I usually buy heads first because that is usually cheaper than the body aside from a few expensive heads vs like a resinsoul body.

      And I'm turning into a bit of a head-collector. I have a few sculpts where I still like the face, but I don't quite have enough inspiration to flesh it out into a whole doll.
    3. I typically like to buy full dolls, mostly because I have no patience and hate waiting for things to arrive in the mail. Buying a head, and then buying a body that may or may not suit the head, or vice versa, is absolute nightmare! Although, that's exactly what I'm going through right now :doh. I ordered the body a few months before the head, so I'm not gonna see my complete doll anytime soon.
    4. It only depends on what wins your heart first ^^ a beautiful face that you feel you need to buy right here right now, no matter there is no body for it. Or it is the most precious body sculpt you ever seen you want sooo much, no matter there is no head for it right now, but does it even matter?
      Of course, it happens that things are not so dramatic :D but the meaning remains the same
    5. Most of my BJDs were purchased as full dolls. My only hybrid I ordered head first, than body. I knew which body I wanted for him before I ordered his head. Leon was sort of unplanned, as I had ordered a Puki Puki body for an extra Real Puki face plate that didn't fit. I wanted a Pukisha anyway so I got that face plate.