Which country are you from? is bjd popular in your country?

Jun 2, 2020

    1. Woo! Another UK person! XD I have always been surprised when I find out that people I know like dolls. I think people keep it to themselves.

      I went to a small anime con many years ago, which had a decent turnout for its doll meet. Wish I could go to another one ^^;;
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    2. Where about safe you? There’s meet-ups in the U.K.
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    3. I cam from Taiwan, but I live in Canada now. I feel like the hobby is quite big in Canada, I know quite some people in the hobby and joined a couple groups. When I was back in Taiwan I didn't know anyone in the hobby or any groups but there were a couple bjd shops so that was really cool.
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    4. I'm in Cambridge :D I gotta get the guts to put myself out there. XD
    5. I'm from Ecuador, I don't know anyone else in the hobbie from here :sorry, I may be the only one collecting bjd dolls in the whole country.
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    6. I’m from Canada... and where I live (prairies) I am pretty alone with my bjd hobby. I did have one friend that was into dolls, but she has since moved to Toronto. So it’s mostly sharing my hobby with people online (but the internet sucks out here too, so that can be a problem as well). ^^;
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    7. I’m from Norway, and it’s not very popular here. There used to be forum a few years back that was supposedly quite active (I hadn’t heard of BJD’s back then), but it later closed and is now just a FaceBook group of like 200 members. It’s kind of inactive, but doll meets and other events do pop up from time to time! :)
    8. From Canada and having lived in a few cities I would say that BJDs aren't generally known but there are healthy pockets of hobbyists around, enough for occasional meet ups. I'm still mostly active in international online communities(primarily here)
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    9. Plus one :) I am in South London, or rather North Kent.
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    10. Aw yeah, UK doll people popping up! :D hooray!
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    11. I am from Turkey and NO bjd’s are not popular here... I think only 4-5 people have bjd’s in my country lol :D :DD
    12. I’m from Brazil but have been living in Japan for 10 years. It’s very popular here and we have several shops, like Volks and DOLK.
      We even have big events from time to time. That said I don’t have any friends I go out with to take doll pictures or anything. Keep it mostly to myself.
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    13. I'm from Canada where BJDs weren't popular, but I currently live in Japan where they are way more popular:3nodding: Lucky me!

      haha you and me both :pout:
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    14. Ohhhhh!!!! Where are you living right now? Do you mind if I message you?
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    15. I don’t mind at all :3nodding:
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    16. Hello! Canada here! I’m pretty new to the hobby so I’m not sure how big is the community is around here. I only have one friend in the hobby (she’s the one who introduced me to bjd a few years ago and I bought her my first 2 bjd last year).
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    17. Ireland, it's very small :sweat I've only made it to one small doll meet about 12 years ago and both of those girls have moved countries, but there's a FB group that's a mix of DD/BJD owners too.
    18. I’m from Switzerland. So far, I just know 1 person with this hobby through instagram. So lonely.
    19. I am in rural Western Australia, you might as well call it a ghost town. I am returning home soon, well hopefully depending on covid stuff which is New Zealand. I hope it’s more active, be nice to have some dolly friends! ☺️
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    20. I'm also in the UK in North Somerset. I've been involved in dolls in one form or another for most of my adult life. Starting with making and selling dolls house miniatures at fairs then making and dressing porcelain dolls, collecting Little Darling vinyl dolls and now BJD's. l would love to go to a meet up when and if the world ever returns to normal but I love the way the internet allows BJD lovers from all over the world to connect. l