Which country are you from? is bjd popular in your country?

Jun 2, 2020

    1. I live in Hong Kong. Only a small group of people here collect dolls(including DD and BJD). Though, we have certain purchasing power.
    2. Kent is not that far from Somerset. We are on a relatively small island after all... :-) I teach photography and I am currently putting together a new workshop for the next season on doll photography. Would be nice to meet more enthusiasts...
    3. Brazil. Unfortunately is not popular at all and mostly people think only the rich ones can buy bjds...
    4. im from australia! here in my state specifically ive never met anyone else interested in dolls. im also quite young in the hobby though so that could be a factor too
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    5. Hi :)
      I'm from New Zealand, they are not popular here as far as I know.
      Maybe someday lol
    6. Also from the US! In my area BJD's not that uncommon, I would know where I can go and I will get people come up and ask me which company/mold's my dolls. But in general probably because we are so scattered, most of the people I run into in my daily life still have no idea what BJD is. (My supervisor asked me if they are Barbies during one of our stay at home Zoom meeting lol And all my coworkers were forced to know what BJD is LOL)
    7. I'm from Vietnam, BJD is not so popular in my country. But since last year it's getting more attention from the teenagers that are into Japanese cultures. We have a facebook group of over 3000 members from last year and 5000 this year. As for my hometown Hanoi which is the capital city of VN, I have a group of about 15 friends that are BJD owners, we gather almost every month.
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    8. l am from Canada. I don't see that many bjd's.
    9. I am in the US and I think it depends on the area you live in. In one state I lived in there seemed to be a decent bjd community, where I live now, not so much.
    10. I am from the UK and new to the hobby so I am not sure how popular the hobby is as I have yet to discover more people locally and in travel distance.
    11. We do have one! The Melbourne BJD Emporium! They have a facebook page!

      I'm Australian and while I do live out in the country, I'm close enough to a big city that I've gotten to attend meets and such! And the Melbourne based BJD group on facebook is reasonably active.

      But I'm probably the only one in my town, and it's still a big day trip to get to the city.
    12. I'm from the Netherlands and recently started in this hobby. I was very excited to get into the community, then it turned out my first doll was a recast and now I'm saving up for my first new legit doll. Until I have her (which can be a few months) I'm honestly a bit scared to join any community, since I've seen people get a lot of trouble with it due to accidentally buying a recast. So, while I'm aware there's somewhat of a community, I'll wait for a bit until I can acctually join :)
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    13. I'm from Russia. BJD hobby strongly depends on the region. In Moscow and Moscow region, where I'm living now, the community is most active. In almost any major city, you will find at least a few people who share our passion. But, unfortunately, the bjd often causes confusion, and sometimes even condemnation from others. Dolls are considered exclusively children's inexpensive fun.
    14. I'm from Denmark. And although it's not a big hobby here, there is actually a small convention. There is a facebook group too that isn't really very active and that I hardly use. But there's a Discord server too that is more active. I have some RL dolly acquaintances, because one of them came across me on Instagram, invited me to the Discord and to a meet she was hosting. I had only been in the hobby a few months at that time, and I am so grateful to find my people!
    15. I'm from Spain and honestly I have no idea... I disconnected from the bjd world several years ago and back then there were several active online communities, but I can't find them now.