Which country are you from? is bjd popular in your country?

Jun 2, 2020

    1. I'm from the USA and I'm not sure how big the community is but I assume it is a decent size if all the people from every state joined forces.
    2. I'm from Portugal and yes, there are quite a few bjd collectors, proportional to the size of the country, which is not massive :)
    3. I’m also from Ireland but have been a bit shy about seeking out fellow BJD hobbyists here. I hope to remedy that when the world returns to normal! It’s such a unique hobby that it’s hard to get new recruits in a small country like Ireland.
    4. Mexico! No, its not quite popular. I only know ONE person in all the country who does faceups! I would love if the community became more popular here! :pout:
    5. Russia. As I can see, the community is quite small, but many simply do not advertise their hobby, because - why, they are quietly happy and love their dolls
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    6. I'm from Hungary. Bjds are not really known here, most people don't know that kind of doll. I find a closed Facebook group for hungarian collectors, but it's almost dead. At least I wanted to join, but never had a response. So I gave it up. It's ok. I don't want to go to a doll meet. I only visiting DOA .
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    7. I'm from Switzerland and not a lot of people knows about the hobby. For now, I only know one person who collects bjds in my country (and she has an amazing collection:love).
    8. I live in the USA, and there's plenty of people here that collect BJD's, but they unfortunately don't live around my specific area. I mostly have to interact with other collectors online.
    9. I'm in California, USA where there seems to be a decent amount of BJD owners depending on what county they are from. It seems to have grown in popularity over the years. Used to see BJDs and off-topic dolls rarely at anime conventions and certain Japanese stores, but over the years there seems to be more with a decent amount of southern California meet-ups and conventions (Anime Expo, Comic-Con, Japanese culture ones, etc) throughout the year where BJD owners show up with their dolls with pride. There are even a few physical stores that sold BJDs and/or off-topic dolls although I wished I had visited them before the pandemic even if they were a decent drive away (roughly two hours depending on traffic).

      I feel like there are more BJD owners in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and certain northern California counties which seem to coincide with where conventions and certain BJD/doll stores are located at. I remember that when my friend moved to NorCal, she and her husband would invite me to go to the BJD convention that occurred over there so that's why I assumed there's a decent BJD community up there. The Volks USA Store used to be in Torrance, California and it had a showroom back then which I think greatly helped with building the BJD community down there as well as maybe a few more stores (Dollheart USA in Glendale, and a few more). A lot of stores have closed since then for various reasons. When the Volks USA Store in Torrance closed and moved to Gardena, I think it helped keep the interest alive but I don't think it has a showroom as far as I know. That, and every once in a while Volks will host a Dolls Party stateside which is pretty fun to attend and definitely helps keep my hope up for the doll community down here.

      Pre-pandemic, I do remember seeing BJDs and their owners "in the wild" when I attended BlizzCon one time and of course the last time I visited Disneyland. Sometimes too when I'm attending afternoon tea somewhere or a place that is considered the Little Tokyo or K-Town of that county. I think my brother even called me one time as he was at a hobby convention of his (like Warhammer or a game like that) because he saw "the dolls that I collect" there. That gives me hope that it's growing.
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    10. I'm from the USA. My impression is that doll collecting of any kind is pretty niche here, but BJDs are one of the more popular "sub-genres" of that hobby. I think it's because we have a lot of anime fans, and a lot of them discover BJDs through a more general "weeaboo" type of community.

      I also collect fashion dolls, and it seems to me like that community is actually a bit smaller. Or, at the very least, less active/social.

      Still, it's far from a POPULAR or mainstream kind of hobby. Especially in more rural areas, it gets you a lot of looks and sometimes rude comments. It's seen as childish, and slightly creepy for adults (especially for male hobbyists - women get a lot more social leeway about doll collecting than men do). But if you live in a decent-sized city, there's probably at least a few other BJD fans within driving distance.
    11. I'm in the US. Are BJDs popular? Well, there are certainly thousands of collectors...in a country of tens of millions. I think that if you stand in the middle of a major supermarket here and yell, "Who else here collects BJDs??" it would be an amazing coincidence if anyone answered, "I do!" :sweat
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    12. That’s my thought. :lol:
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    13. Canada here. I know there are a few BJD collectors around where I live but some may have moved out of the city already. We did a meet last year (2019) and was a bit surprised at all the passer byers who knew what BJDs were, so there could be more people who know about them than you think!
    14. I live in Denmark, I don't think it's a very popular hobby here.
    15. I am an Australian too. I have never met another Queenslander before though. What state are you in?

      I am from Queensland, but I have only met Victorian collectors before.

      What state are you? I am desperate trying to find a fellow Queenslander :lol:
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