Which do you prefer: the Unoa Sist or Lusis?

Apr 23, 2010

    1. Omg, that is exactly what I said!! Her eyes make her look sad or drugged (sometimes). But I just love those lips.
    2. That seems like a good idea, actually. But I feel like I'd end up still being torn between the two. Lol
    3. Well I've already made more than 40 posts lol. Now I just have to wait 25 days! Boooooooo
    4. I agree, but her eyes just bug me!!
    5. Actually, I did not know that. That's soo helpful, now I'm gonna have to go searching for pictures. But, a question. If I got a Lusis faceplate, I could modify her eyes to look like a Sist? Is that what you meant? And, if so, do you know anyone in the Marketplace that does this? Thank you!! <33
    6. As far as I am concerned, eyes can be easily modded to suit your needs. But opening a mouth would be more difficult.
      And by the way, if you want to reply to multiple comments with quotes, you can just press the little button with the "+" for each post you want to reply to and when you hit "reply with quote" then all the posts would show up. :>
    7. I'm for Lusis - luv her open mouth <3 and her "strange" eyes just need a good face up work - she will look amazing after a good artist painting :)
    8. I don't know about modifying a regular Lusis' eyes, but I believe there is a sleeping head that is supposed to resemble both girls as well as separate dozing heads to resemble each (or am I imagining things? I don't pay great attention to Unoas, maybe it's all the same sleeping head modified by owners)... since they don't already have open eyes you can shape the eyeholes yourself, but if you've never done modifications on resin before it might be best to commission someone to do it for you.
    9. I used to like sist better, but now I like lusis better, I actually like her droop lil eyes. And of course her open mouth.
    10. Lusis!!!I like her mouth and eyes.
    11. Sorry! I'll do that now. And I did not know you could mod eyes. I figured that would be really hard (new to BJDs lol). Thank you though.
      I wouldn't even know where to start to find a good artist. In addition, I've been told you can mod her eyes, I'm just a little nervous doing that.

      Ohhhhhhhh, so you have to take a sleeping head and modify it? And I don't even own a doll yet, so I would definitely commission someone. lol

      I love her mouth, as a lot of people do, but I just can't get past the eyes. I try to like them, but I just can't.

      Lol, a lot of people seem to like her eyes.
    12. Heeey, I wanted to ask this question, too! ^^
      You were faster ;)
      Well, I can't really decide who of them looks cuter...
      I interpreted that Sist has a tough, smart, cute and adventure-liking face.
      Lusis is the more quiet, adult and nice girl.
      So I think that I will first look for a Sist doll because I like these characters more and after I will look for a Lusis faceplate ^o^
    13. Lol, I actually feel the opposite! Sist seems more serious to me, and Lusis seems a bit younger. Lol how ironic. But I do love them both! Soo hard to decide!!
    14. I adore both! I have a Lusis though. n_n
    15. I fell in love with Unoa's when I first saw a Lusis :) I love them both, but have to admit I have more Sist's than Lusis'!
      Two of my faceplates are modded sleeping plates (one Sist & one Lusis) and they are by far my favourites! It gives them a totally unique face & character.
      Unoa boys on the other hand...L-bi just freaks me out, but I've seen him as a girl & he looks very sweet :)
    16. I think I'm going to get a Lusis, and have her eyes modified to match the Sist eyes.

      You modified the faces!!?? Which one should I buy so that I can modify it? And yeah, the L-bi just doesn't look like a boy at all.
    17. I didn't do it! An extremely talented Polish artist did...here's some quick pic's...
      Sist & Lusis...
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      These girls both started life as a sleeping plate & were transformed in to these cutie's :)
      there are plenty of taleted aritsts on the board who could do this for you. Just be sure to find one that does it in a style you like :)
      Smiles, Ingrid :)
    18. I have both and at first, I preferred Lusis, but I can't get her eyes to sit in the eyewells in such a way that she doesn't look like she's staring. My Sist is lovely.
    19. Ellerybears - Wow, both of your girls are so gorgeous! :D
    20. OMGGGG!!! Theyy are gorgeous!! Lusis looks sooo much better with her eyes more open like that!! I lovee them! And Sist looks so much more mature!! You have already helped me to decide to do it!!! Yayay Oh, and would you mind showing me more pictures of them? I'd like to see their faces side by side. Only if it's not too much trouble that is. Thank you

      Hmm, that's weird. Did you modify her at all? And I love the Sist too, she's so pretty. I mean Sist and Lusis, to me, are the exact same mold. Just one has droopy eyes and one has open lips.