Which do you prefer: the Unoa Sist or Lusis?

Apr 23, 2010

    1. Sure! just let me get the rugrats off to school & I'll take some pic's at different angles for you :)

      Thanks Aquadoe :) I was lucky to be able to adopt these two from a wonderful friend...just before she moved away from MSD's....although i do have one more Sist on the way *shhhhhhhh*
      I'm really keen to see some pic's of your lusis when she gets her body...what colour body did you order in the end?
    2. Thank you soo much ellerybears! <3
    3. I definitely like the Lusis more - I find her prettier than Sist, honestly. And I love her cute little mouth!
    4. I think like are both pretty, but Sist looks unhappy if her face-up isn't done right. And, Lusis looks sleep deprived unless her face-up is done good enough. lol
    5. Oh, I think both are pretty for sure, but personally I find I like the aesthetics of Lusis' face better than Sist's. It really does depend on the faceup, though.
    6. ellerybears - Ooh, how lucky! I can't wait to see your new girl! :)
      After much debating I ended up ordering her a NS body. I almost got BW, but then it just look so pale in photos. If my estimate is right she should be arriving at the end of May or early June! *cross fingers*
    7. Whoo, I'm a great unoa fan too! I hope you'll find your girl soon. x3

      Personally I like all the faceplates in different ways, I have all the defaults, although only B-el is a boy. Sist is and probably always will be my favorite, and the first doll I ever really wanted. I was so happy when I finally got her after two years of saving up and waiting for a new preorder!

      Then you can also get one body and keep both faceplates! It's very easy to swap them around, and then you have two dolls in one. :)
    8. The first I ever saw was a Sist and I fell in love and then later I saw Lusis and realized I like her better... ended up buying both faceplates and they shared an unoa body. Once their faceups were done, it was definitely sist for me :) I think she has a more mature look and I like that for my dolls.
    9. I'll be looking for a review when it arrives!

      Here's a link to more pictures of my modded Sist (I'm a sucky photographer so yes I'm cheating!)


      This is a side view of my moddes Lusis..the one I need a body for Aquadoe!

      And this little girl was painted by the same artist (no mod's done).
      I'd have to say I still prefer Sist...but Lusis is just sooooo sweet too :)
      If it were me I'd get the one you fell in love with first...and then give her siblings...
      I prefer to have a body for each head (only two have genuine Unoa bodies, then I have several hybrids..its a lack of money thing!!), but having a little lineup of pretty Unoas sharing a body is a cool idea too :)

      Good luck!
    10. Wow, I never thought of it that way. That's such a good idea!

      I totally agree, Sist has the more mature face. That's why I want to buy a Lusis and modify her. I dislike her eyes because they make her look weird.
    11. Ommgggggg, they are sooo gorgeouss! Thank you soo much for putting up the pictures! <333 I'm going to look at your other ones now! :)
    12. ellerybears - hopefully through photos and learning myself I can put more information up for others on a mnf hybrid.

      And wow your girls are sooo gorgeous! :D
      Hope you can get that lovely lady a body soon, her eyes and make up are stunning!
    13. Personally, I fell for Lusis first and then gradually Sist grew on me. Lusis seems to me the outgoing fun girl while Sist appears to be quieter and that's how I portray my one and half girls (my Lusis and Sist will share the same body as I'm critically short of space).
    14. I like Lusis more. She is gorgeous!
    15. No matter how much I want to, Sist just doesn't grow on me... :( And I think it's because I love open mouths (both my dolls have that). I also love the droopy Lusis eyes, although when I get my girl from the next preorder, I think I'll sand them to be just a tad bigger. I love doe-eyes as well :)
    16. Honestly I think I'm just going to buy a Lusis, I just love those lips. Besides, I can just modify her eyes!

      I knoww, I see them the exact same way you do! lol Just one body? lol
      The droopyness of her eyes does make them look smaller now that I think of it. Regardless, I still can't make myself like those eyes. I'm just gonna have to modify them.
    17. I just recieved my Lusis faceplate and I've got a Planetdoll body on the way for her. I don't have a favorite between Lusis and Sist, but I saw Lusis first so I got her first. I plan on having tons of faceplates (some modified and some normal ones), but just one body for my girl. I did that with my Puki and it's working out really well, so I don't see how this wouldn't work out too. n__n
    18. Actually, I'm really starting to like that idea. I think I'm going to get both the Sist and Lusis plate, and simply have them modified into the same person, just with different lips!
    19. I'm really glad you posted this. I'm having the hardest time deciding myself. I think both sculpts are lovely, but it depends on the faceup which one I'm drawn to. I'm not the greatest FU artist so I wonder if one sculpt is easier to paint?
    20. If you don't feel confident, maybe you can commission someone. But, If I had to choose, I think the Sist would be easier to paint.