Which do you prefer: the Unoa Sist or Lusis?

Apr 23, 2010

    1. I think Sist would be easier too. But I just love the open mouth on Lusis. I really like doing my own FUs since of course there is no better way to improve. I think the lips may win this one and Sist will just have to wait.
    2. Lol, well I must say that I agree. I love Lusis's lips!
    3. I definitely like Lusis more, but Sist can look really good too with the right faceups. I have both. They are cousins!

      I saw an attempt to mod the Sist mouth to be open and have teeth once and well... the results were pretty awful in my opinion. I wouldn't go there with a doll that can be harder to get like them.

      Maybe try to get the Lusis sleeping plate and have that modded as opposed to trying to reshape existing eyes. Be sure to get the Lusis "Madoromi" faceplate though, and not the generic "Oyasumi" plate. The oyasumi has a wide, closed-mouth smile and thicker resin behind the closed eyes to boot, but both have a tendancy to get lumped together as just "sleeping".
    4. I want to doo it! But I don't understand. What is Madormi and Oyasumi? I'm sorry for my stupid questions.
    5. Lol it's fine. Here you go, this might help you: http://unoa.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=78
      It's just the Japanaese names for the plates. :)
      They're listed right after the default faces in that post. Sist Madoromi/Sleeping are a dime a dozen on Y!J but I haven't seen any Lusis Madoromi/Sleeping so you might be up for a bit of a hunt. Both are of course luck of the draw around DoA. @[email protected]
    6. Sist! I think she is more versatile than Lusis which is why I chose her. I'm glad I did! :-)
    7. Thank you soo much!! This helps a lot! <3
    8. Versatile? In what wayss? And your doll is beautiful! Green eyes and dark brown hair is exactly how I want my doll to have.
    9. I am in total agreement. I love Sist eyes and Lusis mouth. I wish they could be combined.
    10. Well, what I have learned from this tread is, that you can buy a Lusis sleeping face and have the eyes modified! And I love that you agree with me! Lol
    11. same here xD
      adorable Lusis mouth but the eyes have to be modded ^^ ... brrrr

      actually I like them both ^^'
      Sist a bit more ^^
    12. I know this thread is old, but I just have to offer my opinion: LUSIS. For sure. Am I the only one who loves her mouth and eyes? XD Sist is pretty as well, of course, but I have a think for sad eyes and small mouths will fuller, more luscious lips (features that harken to my KD Cherry girl, for example).
    13. Lusis - to think back then I used to really dislike them for some reason but now I'm obsess with them that I gotta have one, it was a hard decision both are very pretty but I prefer Lusis because of her doe eyes, open mouth with teeth, sweet and innocent and yet can be mischievous at the same time, as for Sist her look is too serious and serene for me but just as pretty.