Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. A satyr/faun! I have so many anthro characters and a lot of them are bovids, I'd love to shell them! I've seen a number of them around but the facial sculpts or sizes aren't quite right. Something more insect or reptilian themed would be cool too, I can just imagine the iridescent colors and scales :love
    2. I'd love to own a centaur/deertaur and a mermaid BJD! I've been fascinated with these creatures for a long time thanks to movies like The Last Unicorn and Fantasia. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually own dolls modeled after them. A satyr or a faun would also be nice!

      @Layn I'm not sure if it's quite what you're looking for since it doesn't have scale detailing or exact dragon proportions like you described, but Resinsoul has a tiny dragon centaur! RESINSOUL--Nian
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    3. !!!!! I had not seen him before, he's not as big as I would have hoped for or as detailed but HE IS A DRAGONTAUR
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    4. I would love a centaur dragon doll....or just a dragon.... animal style...four feet, wings...my 3d printed one is great but part of his wing just sits on another....they fall off a LOT!
    5. I love D&D races, so maybe a half orc or a firbolg kinda doll would be awesome. Not very realistic to hope for though bc I imagine the intersection between BJD and tabletop fantasy is pretty niche.
    6. I have many but the main one is mermaids! I have seen all the ones out so far and I would be happy with any, I really love Asleep Eidolon's merman Arweil and I would love to see a more muscular merman in the future! :wiggle
    7. Elf doll or mermaid, but I'm not really a fan of fantasy BJD.
    8. I really want a villitunes doll - especially the cyclops! In one of their cute pastel skin tones. I'm not sure what about them intrigues me so much, but I could spend all day looking at them!
    9. I've never really been into dragons, but when Fairyland came out with Roke, I fell in love with him. He was no longer available by the time I became aware of him, so I ended up paying twice his original price for a fullset from a third party seller. I've never regretted it. He is stunning.

      I also have a green resin doll with huge elf ears that looked so foresty I hired someone to paint his ears like leaves and a big leaf over his eye. He's so cute but he's naked right now because I haven't ever seen an appropriately foresty outfit for him.

      And there's one doll I have that was normal, but I had blue eyes and a blue wig that looked nice on him so I got him painted like he had frostbite, with blue tints to his skin. So to me he's kind of a winter fairy even though he's just a normal BJD sculpt.

      I would like to have a vampire. I am a huge fan of vampires so it's really nonsense that I don't have a vampire BJD!
    10. Once upon a long, long time ago (somewhere between 2006 and 2015, I know, not a great timeframe) there was a... I think it was a series of 4 dolls released. All protect the environment or care about the environment based, and very fae-like, each with a different element theme. One was like a tree person. I think there was a water one and a fire one? It's a very old memory, but I loved the tree one. There were optional human pieces and more fae/tree pieces. I cannot figure out what the company was, can't find it in images, google fu is too weak to come up with keywords to bring it up. (It had been in an announcement, I think it was Limited but I'm not sure, don't remember size, and was before any of the archived announcements, so def pre 2015, but I don't remember how far back.)

      Tree person. Not Groot. It has my heart and I would literally kill to get my hands on this doll, or, heck, even to know what it was called and which company made it. Just to see it again, even, even without that info, I would die.
    11. I saw these on doll peddler and I think this is the doll you mean. The series sounds a lot like the Life project, which is on the DoA wiki at ( Life Project dolls - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels )
    12. I like angels, like Michael, and want to have laser or transparent dolls.
    13. If there was a perfect spider girl, I would so get her.
    14. HOLY ****

      I LOVE YOU.


      I don't have words. But I definitely have cried and flailed and oh my dollgod. Thank you so much. Like, just, oh my god. Thank you <3
    15. No problem! I’m glad I was able to help!!!
    16. I have been dying for more Satyr BJDs in SD size
      I've found few to none those are a big want for me!
    17. I want a mermaid doll really badly.
    18. I currently have a satyr on the way and he’s a total dream come true. I also love centaurs so much and I really want one in doll form! That’s a big goal for me currently.

      I also adore animal hybrid type bjds like cats or foxes. I wouldn’t turn up my nose at a mermaid or elf either... give me all the fantasy dolls <3
    19. For me, my absolute favorite are anthro dolls, and elves! I have three anthro dolls currently, and I’m saving up for an elf. :)
    20. My favorite type is vampire and elves:love