Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. Fairies, mermaids, Angels, and demons, tbh.
    2. You should check out Resinsoul Nian in transparent resin. He has elf ears, horn, dragontaur body, wings and tail.
    3. I want to see a half human half octopus bjd. Imo, it should have the tentacles jointed and hopefully not a nightmare to restring!
    4. I'm hoping for more mature MSD centaurs! I just missed the deadline for the Luts Model ones which was a bummer since they really match the vibe I'm looking for. I also love mer designs. It's a lot of fun to see how different companies design tails and fins.
    5. Multi-armed Hindu goddess, like Souldoll’s Shiva and Spider Queen. I’m hoping Souldoll will release them again eventually.
    6. I haven't been able to convince myself to get any fantasy type dolls yet (while I have so many human characters yet to be shelled), but I would be extremely tempted if I ever saw a company come out with a peryton sculpt...
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    7. Elves and dragons - there are a lot of really cool ones out there though.
    8. I think I would like to have a devil or demon lady that is red. I also wouldn't mind a vampire or a centaur.
    9. I really like the little anthro dolls! I love Luts Zuzu delf but every time I would go to buy one I decided on something else. Maybe one day!
    10. Elves, vampires, and fairies are always a favorite, though i do like other fantasy dolls too.
    11. Hi there! I know this post is kinda old, but there are some octopus bjds here: BALL JOINTED DOLL & ACCESORIES by YarinaEvgeniaArtDoll

      Not sure if they are on topic, but i think they are what you are looking for. :)
    12. A werewolf
      I'm sad that I've got on this hobby pretty late and couldn't find one that I'm looking for...
    13. I'm considering an angel doll in the future.
    14. I'm gonna try to put together a peryton character of mine in centaur/deertaur form! Going for a Winter from Resinsoul.
      I love the idea of perytons <3 (half bird/half deer) so anything similar I would love.
      Also deertaurs and satyr legs in any form, centaurs not as much but still :>
      I love wings so anything with those lol, and elf ears <3 I love the idea of winged elves. Dragon horns too. Haha sorry for this mess of a reply but I really love fantasy dolls. I would even go for a SD sized one if I ever have that kind of money.
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    15. Elves and vampires would be my main fantasy interests in dolls, but some of the centaurs and mermaids that have been released are incredible. I would definitely like to own some fantasy dolls in the mini and mature mini sizes.
    16. I'd love a tiny sized naga. There was an adorable one, but it was discontinued or the company closed.
    17. I don't know if this counts but I love tiny anthros! Cocoriang's babies are so cute, but I also just picked up a Soom Rudy and I'm thinking about a DuoDuo as well. I just love them. :D
    18. I'd like to see more culturally-specific beasts, though that can walk a fine line between cultural appreciation and appropriation/monetization.
      Top of my list would be a wendigo, but in its most traditional sense this would simply be an elongaged/emaciated human rather than a bipedal carnivorous deer. Probably already exists tbh.
      I'd also love to see stuff outside of the classic vampire/succubus/werewolf/fae.
    19. More dolls with unicorn horns. I currently have one at home, one arriving tomorrow and hopefully one on order shortly. And yet, it still doesn't seem like enough! It's my favorite aesthetic :3nodding:
    20. more 'affordable' animal/anthro dolls. I love them so much but always seem to fall for ones that are out of my budget. If the more affordable companies started making some or more than they have already I'd be snatching up those!