Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. Right now, I think I want a little kobold to accompany my goblin. I bet they'd have fun together.
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    2. I just got my hands on the adorable DokuDoll open eye cyclops, have a Jungatoy D.Skull on a Fantasy Doll body, and I want to get Danni by rap1993. I've thought about getting a cat anthro doll, but haven't found one that I'm really thrilled about quite yet.
    3. I would love to own any type of cryptid and monster dolls,
      more specifically a Minotaur, Goatman, Mothman, etc.
      It would be super awesome :thumbup
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    4. I really love the little dollzone new year’s dragons, they have such beautiful jointed tails! I think more dolls with elaborate feathered jointed wings would be cool.
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    5. I really like centaur dolls, so I'm lucky plenty of companies have those! I'm currently on the lookout for a certain dragon sculpt, and I'd love to own a vampire someday!
    6. Orcs! Orcs and other fanged creatures and anthropomorphic beasts like wolves!
    7. I would love a naga, a pretty, mature female one, with a gorgeous pose-able tail. I also really love dragon and centaur sculpts.
    8. I'm sure any doll I can think of has already been made/said in here, so instead I'm going to add that I would really love jointed tail parts for larger dolls! I really want my Iplehouse YID boy to have a tail like that since he's based on the Monkey King, but it seems like my only options right now are non-jointed "static" tails or ones made out of fur and/or fabric which I'm not sure will look right.
    9. With a centaur and elf on the way, I really want a strong tall muscular dragon lady. Muscular ladies are really rare resin wise anyway, though.

      For actual sculpts that I know exist, Withdoll Elf Warrior Ian is on my wishlist because elvessssss. One day I might just shell Taako from the Adventure Zone just to sew fancy outfits.
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    10. I'd love to see more tails myself. I just recently remade the tail for my oldest doll with doll armature instead of wire so it's much more posable now, but drilling the hole to attach it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped.

      I've always kind of hoped SOOM would do a male MG scorpion to go with Vesuvia too.
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    11. Thirding tails. I’m looking for a solution that isnt a fabric tail (it’s regular skin/slightly scaly on the character) for my character. It would be interesting to see either an articulated tail thinner than Vesuvia’s, or a wire and silicon/rubber/something flexible tail. I’m pretty sure Whatever I go with, I’m going to have to build...
    12. I was thinking about using armature! Where did you get yours?

      I've also been considering finding and commissioning an artist to make a 3d printing model for a large jointed tail; I see lots of indie dollmakers on etsy that make 3d printed pet/anthro dolls with tails like that so I feel like it's possible.
    13. @monkeypizzasonic - Good question. I had it sitting around for a while before I finally did anything with it, but I think it was from this site - Kemperdolls.com (I was planning to do several, so I went for the 1/8" 10' coil, but it looks like you can buy it by the foot on this site?) It seems pretty easy to deal with as long as you have the right pliers for the diameter you're using.
      I'm sure a 3D-printed tail is possible, but you would still have to fasten it to your doll in a way that gives it leverage, otherwise its posing will be rather limited anyway.
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    14. I like fairies, elves and might be centaurs or mermans...
      But at this time a normal BJD at a collection of fancy clothings is enough for me to tell all of my current stories...
    15. Pretty basic but I'd love to own a vampire one day. My Malkavia stricken Ventrue Charlie could use a shell. He could help me DM. As best he could at least...
    16. Elves are my weakness - I like pointy ears. Long pointy ears would be even better. Also hands with claws - they look great on male molds. And a very attractive for me - wolf legs on Soom big boys :love I hope to buy Chrom legs in gray once - I have an idea about them ))
    17. I have a fantasy race that looks like demons (though they're not - most of them are super gentle and vegetarian), so I'd have to say any dolls with those characteristics. I've found it difficult to shell them, though buying Soom parts from the marketplace has helped a lot! Unfortunately, I'm still working out ways to craft their tails.

      And I've always wished that every sculpt came with an elf ear option. The majority of my characters are elves and that's left me with a lot of elf ear mods to do.
    18. I really want a sphinx, like a female centaur but with a lions body. And a a small sd cyclops. And mermaid tails but i dont really like any ive seen
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    19. I would love to see more bird themed fantasy dolls!
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    20. Kpop but they are hard to find unless I can find someone to pay to make me the doll