Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. So far I have been wanting some of my favorite atelier momoni in fantasy colors. However, I have seen some dolls by villitunes that have been piquing my interests.
    2. Hmm cats I guess, but merman would do it for me too. Froud style elves and gelflings in bjd form sound very awesome too, but maybe a bit difficult with copyright?
    3. I would also love to see some more fantasy teeth that are a prominent part of the sculpt! like some fangs or tusks!
    4. I've never been too interested in the typical fantasy dolls, like centaurs or dragon people or whatnot, but it just struck me that knights with resin armor parts technically count as fantasy dolls, don't they? In that case hell yes, that would be the kind I want the most. I don't know why, but I've gotten obsessed with the idea of owning a doll with armor parts that can be detached and swapped out. My grail is Luts French Knight Abadon but I'd be happy to own any big male knight, tbh. It's a pity they seem relatively rare at least compared to other kinds of fantasy dolls.
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    5. Oh definitely anything with a fish tail... And some dragons that look more dragon than human are really cool! What was that sculpt I saw recently... They were two and both were some looong boyos
    6. Miracle doll snake demon, maybe?
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    7. Vampires and elfes. I am childish. :blush
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    8. I loooove fantasy dolls where the "fantasy" part is just enough to be right on the cusp of unsettling or lovely or both! Doll Chateau's Medusa and Hathaway, SOULDOLL's star version of Charlotte... I think the most overtly fantasy doll I've liked is DC's Xaviera, and even then I prefer to see her hybridized with "normal" human heads. I'm not too interested in animal ears + tail, or pointy elflike ears, and while I adore vampires, I do like vampire dolls to have something more than just a pair of fangs to really drive in their inhumanness. Long claws or nails...or fingers painted a deep, eerie red!

      But I think I love dolls where you don't need any special bits for them to look fantastical. Dika Doll's Amanda is a shining example of what I mean! She has no sharp teeth, furry ears, or wings... But somehow, the delicate faceup with the Heian-style brows and the hime-sama haircut manages to evoke the sense of an ethereal fish or water spirit. Beautiful! <3
    9. Sort of more in the back of my mind than an immediate desire, but I would love a vampire doll with tiny, elegant fangs. Or the DollZone tarot Hermit.
    10. i love the mermaids i have two of them and i also love elves and vampires
    11. The only Fantasy type dolls I have been wanting recently are the Doll Chateau centaur type dolls. I have also wanted a head with horns
    12. My answer might be a little outside of the “fantasy” doll category, you usually think of vampires, fairies, etc. when you Think of Fantasy lol but I really want a sad clown!
      I would use Genesis, 44cm AkagiDoll Girl. I’ve been admiring her for a while, and I think she would make a great sad clown, she has those droopy eyes and pout!
    13. I really want one of Fairyland's centaurs. I've looked at other companies' centaurs since I don't know if I'll ever be able to get one of those, but I just don't like any of them as much. I would also like a vampire at some point but I haven't found one that I absolutely love yet.
    14. i also wanted a centaur since I first got into the hobby, my finances wouldn’t allow for the ones I saw then and I kind of gave up and forgot about it, kind of a grail doll but not actually torturing myself by looking all the time. But I just saw resin soul’s dawn and may actually have to pull the trigger.
    15. I'm a sucker for anything that can be seen as some type of forest spirit so fauns, elves, faeries and the like would be it for me. :)
    16. I’ve always been a sucker for pointy ears, so anything fae-related is hard to resist. The elf sculpts are initially what drew me to the hobby to start with. I thought the CP elves held a great resemblance to characters from ElfQuest, a fantasy graphic novel series I used to be obsessed with.

      The vast majority of my collection is fantasy themed in some way, although I have found my tastes changing from stylized to more realistic sculpts. A lot more human sculpts in my collection, too, although I still love me some pointy ears!
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    17. Did you all see the Dream Valley sphinxes? oh my gosh but they're ADORABLE. Waaaant.
    18. I've seen both fairies by Aimerai and some centaurs by Doll Chateau I've loved. I wish I had the finances to afford a Lillian since they're being discontinued, but ah well.
    19. Big muscular orc girl. In 1/4 scale.
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    20. I'm definitely most interested in mermen, of which there aren't many. That and the incubus/dragon dolls made by Soom.