Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. I absolutely love vampire dolls, especially the ones with open mouths, I don't know if a company has made one before but it would also be cool for a doll to have detachable bat wings as well
    2. Anything mermaid or centaur!! I love the tiny delf centaurs, but I can never seem to find/afford one. Realfee Mari and Minifee Alicia are both mermaid BJD grails for me.
    3. I really like these kind of 'fantasy type' dolls: kitsune (fox) yokai, vampires, angels, demons, elves, mermaids.:kitty2
    4. I would love a sphinx, especially one with a jointed tail.
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    5. I just love fantasy heads but with human body. I love heads with cute ears such as lamb, bunny or elf ears.
    6. I have two fantasy colored tiny delfs on the way which will be fairies. I have a few elves and a centaur as well. I REALLY want a Peaks Woods FOB vampire and a vampire YoSD as a pair but I don’t know when. I’m also not ready for that price commitment. :XD:
    7. Oh god that's a really hard question. I love all things fantasy so I would have a whole list. My top ones are: Fairy, dragon, vampire, zombie, siren, and goddesses/gods. To name a few.
    8. I want faeries of any time and vampires!
    9. Vampires, i will love to find a pair of bat wings for mine, also i like the satyr/ deer type and will love to find a pair of deer legs for my Sd 10 boy .
      Centaurs(maybe some day) and sirens like cordellia from AS, they are so pretty. Also anthro cat dolls like the ones from dearmine.
    10. I know this is common but I loveeee vampire dolls, hope to own one for myself in the future!
    11. I really like the centaur made by Fairyland. Somehow I just love the overall style of the company LOL
    12. Honestly, I would love some more odd/non-traditionally beautiful sculpts. Give me monstrous dolls, and give me beefy lady dolls! I absolutely would love Orcs, things that are skeletal, rotting, and "ugly". I want to see more honest horror dolls, and more body variation.

      And you know? Not necessarily ugly dolls either, but also expanded body types? I want to see endomorphic male and female characters, I want to see round and soft, and I want to see bodies with working muscles rather then for display muscles.

      Let me have beefy orcs men and ladies, let me have an adorable, honestly fat, fairy god mother type character with pointed ears and a kind smile, let me have something with too many arms, the skull of an animal for the head, and and some wicked looking teeth and claws!
    13. She’s OT bc she isn’t YET cast on resin, but check out Jj.doll.lab on insta. They made an orc!
    14. I've seen some progress pics in the facebook group that I'm in! made me happy as all heck!
    15. Hooves and antlers. Soom has been tough on my wallet over the years.
    16. I absolutely agree. I really appreciate dolls that have a distinct and different aesthetic, even when they're not to my exact taste. There are a lot of sculpts out there that are absolutely beautiful in a classical, tradition sense, but I have a real soft spot for unique designs and strong, if unusual aesthetics. Plus I think it's interesting to see how designers tackle the physical engineering of things like digitigrade legs/multiple arms/multiple faces/insect limbs etc.
      Also an absolutely ripped orc lady doll would be so, so good.
    17. Digitigrade hooved legs are what I'm after right now :( I want to make my satyr girl OC but she has a bit more of a thicker-pear body shape than most Eastern BJD companies make. I'm pretty new to BJD as I don't even have a doll yet and all the ones that I even come close to liking (Cuprit, Beryl by SOOM) are likely impossible for me to get so I'm kind of just stuck waiting for an artist doll to come out I guess.
    18. Right now it's all the monster and horror parts. Seems like whenever they pop up they're already sold out. I want horns, claws, wings, appendages, and everything else I can't think of. And not just all the pretty and sleek looking parts. As much as I like all the elegant looking demons and vampires it seems like that's everything's style. I like the idea of being able to add on to dolls and make them more... monstrous? I don't have my doll yet but I was having such a hard time finding enough good parts I ended up having to get something custom made.

      What I really hope to get down the line would be something similar to the original descriptions of angels and demons. Giant creatures with ten eyes and no mouth or giant spider bodies or three faces. I know I've seen one or two before but that's it. Is it so much to ask for more weird looking humanoid figures that would fit in with art from Hellboy, Hellblazer, Dark Souls, or Bloodborne.
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    19. i would love to see more SD sized anthro dolls, also more mermen, large naga dolls with full articulated tails and SD dolls with proper digitigrade legs animals legs like horse, deer, cat, and dogs. also more fully animal heads would be cool especially a bear and ox head!
      one of my OC's i'd love to shell is a demon with rabbit legs and tail and i've never seen that in an SD doll.
    20. I personally really love elves and carries myself. :) I know that’s such a stereotypical answer, but they’re just so magical. I’m also not sure if anthro dolls count in this kind of question, but they feel magical and fantastical to me so they’re also a preference of mine. :3nodding: