Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. I have a thing for dragons, so the Fairyline Erda that came out at the beginning of the year is amazing. I'd love him to have a jointed tail so it was actually poseable, but his static tail is beautiful as it is and wow I love his legs and feet. So yes, more dragons. I appreciate Resin Soul's Sui, Zhen (love her face and ears!), and Pixiu, but their fantasy bits aren't quite my aesthetic.

      Oh also, long elf ears. Like really long. Possibly even ones that can be repositioned to be up or down. Those would be super nice. Ah, maybe I can make a pair of removable ones...
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    2. I have a strong interest in naga and serpentine-snake dolls, like Sugarble used to and what Miracle Doll is currently doing. It's been really hard to find second-hand Sugarble Dolls though since they went under.

      I really like resin snake hair....I like the combination of snake hair and tail, or mermaids with resin fin hairs :chibi
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    3. I'm for every type of fantasy creature out there! :) The only problem for me is style and scale - I'd love more fantasy sculpts that fit together with realistic minis, atm vampires and elves are all I can find, I do plan on getting both... I would likely want to get my grabby hands on all and any fantasy creature in that scale.
    4. Fauns... Or demons or whatever the companies call the humanoids with hooves. And Centaurs. I like the idea of vampire dolls, but most vampire sculpts leave me cold. I dislike the fangs that stick out of the lips, they seem unrealistic to me, and sculpts with open mouths are not very versatile ime. Anyway, I'm in love with various hooved resinsoul dolls. I always believed fantasy sculpts would be out of my price range. Except for a few elf-eared dolls. Which I do appreciate, but don't have any yet.
    5. I was keeping my cool with fantasy dolls until I see the new release of Dream Valley's Chaos. That just hit me right in the heart lol
    6. I'd love to see more demons or tieflings. Also, not quite fantasy but I'd love to see more bat anthros.
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    7. I have all that I want) Two PukiFee Rin (twins) and DT elf Luna. My elven family.
    8. I want a vampire boy for sure <3 I love switch soseo but it is discontinued and sooo hard to find :/
    9. I really love different fairies - both kind and evil, but most of all sly, so I look closely at the boy Bao by Resinsoul:cool:
    10. I don't know if this exists, but I'd love a nine tailed fox BJD, either completely fox or humanoid. I'm starting a comic with characters that are modeled after chinese folklore specifically the nine tailed fox, so I'm kind of obsessed right now.
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    11. at risk of sounding basic, wings. especially jointed resin wings, like the ones on dollpamms seravie. I love the look of them and all the posing opportunities...
    12. I really love fantasy sculpts in general, but I put a big emphasis on which ones are the most expressive! Which usually just means which ones are the most posable, but my DC Hathaway is an exception to my others, who all have extra fantasy parts or limbs haha

      Yesss me too! Sculpted wings can look really really gorgeous, and they can totally change the whole move of a pose when they're jointed ^^
    13. I've always been more of a werewolf girl than a vampire one so a larger scale werewolf or were-creature would be awesome. Can stand upright or on all-fours, articulated tail and jaw too. Also, a dragon and/or unicorn because who doesn't like dragons and unicorns, they are so majestic and beautiful.
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    14. I didn't know I wanted a werewolf doll like that till I read this. That sounds so awesome. And now I want one.
    15. Oh man, I'm not a huge werewolf person but I'm in love with the idea of a doll with that range of articulation. I'd be taking a million photographs of something like that, in every pose I could think of
    16. The photo ops would be awesome! Even just posing with other dolls would be wonderful.
    17. And here we have "werewolf does yoga" courtesy of me....
      (Just kidding, but can you imagine?)
    18. I really want to add cellophane wings to a tiny elf doll to make a fairy! Thinking of buying Logan Dolls tiny pim for this idea :3nodding:
    19. Now I'm cackling at the idea and want this even more.
    20. I am really tempted by a centaur but at the same time the mechanics of it make me shudder at the thought of restringing.