Which one of your dolls would you love to come to life?

Jan 6, 2019

    1. This is a pretty tough question! While Adhara or Guórén were the top choices that immediately popped in my head, I figured that I couldn't turn just one of them real without finding a way to do the same to the other (because of their relationship). Hence, the surprising choice was their daughter, Kokiden/Cookie. I definitely could benefit from someone who still retained a kind nature despite having gone through a lot before she could even walk.
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    2. Probably none of them, I’m not sure any are the type I’d actually want to hang out with. :XD:

      If I had to choose, I think I’d go with Lakin. He shares the most interests me, and he’s sweet, but he’s also moody with a lot of character flaws that would annoy me a lot. I’d want him to be a real human, not living doll, so I wouldn’t have to be responsible for him!
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    3. Usually when I want to buy something for my dolls, I imagine how the conversation would go. As a result, most of my dolls are perpetually annoyed with me (and annoying to talk to). Though in personality, I think my kid delfs Mona and Annix would be sweet to spend time with. My SDs are both very tough, resilient personalities. They'd be interesting to talk to, but I might not be as interesting to them.
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    4. Yeah I would love that too
      Seeing Pukipukis as original size like tiny pets is gonna be adorable :XD:
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    5. Reisner, I want Henry in flesh and blood human size.

      He’s the most confident, capable, reckless and highest risk taker in my group. He’s actually not the most beautiful, but he’s strong, intelligent, happy, easy going, sincere, and there’s a sense of security when he’s around.

      Henry is very humble. When I opened his box and saw him for the first time, I was surprised by his humility.
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    6. I only have one bjd, but I would love for him to come to life. He's the polar opposite of me. If he were alive, he'd probably make me a more productive person. I'v super lazy and he's neat and very picky so his personally would benefit me well :lol:
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    7. For me... it just has to be Keiichi, my Crobidoll Hobin Daydream... Whether in doll size, so I could have a miniature sharply dressed advisor at all times, or human, so my favourite character would be for real I wouldn't really mind. I'd actually benefit from having him around either way. His character is steadfast and has undying ideals, he's also very methodic. I think his OCD wouldn't work too well with my semi-chaotic state of living most of the time but maybe it could help me put my life more in order....
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    8. Personality wise? Elizabeth. Only after I’ve got her a body and an outfit first tho. Having a floating head talk to me might be too unnerving.
    9. I’d say my Ringdoll alfanso although I’m still waiting on him...but I’d want him to be real life size. I’d want him to teach me the ways of being a vampire and turn me into a vampire...that’d be awesome. But imagine him in real life he’d be a cutie.
    10. He is still unfinished, but I would definitely pick AJ, my Migidoll Ryu. He is the nicest boy ever, and the complete opposite of me because he is so outgoing and energetic. I think he'd be a great friend for me and a really fun but safe person to hang out with. he would bring me out of my shell. And I would want him to be real life size so we could go on adventures together.
    11. Hmmm, how about none, haha
    12. I had a dream one of my dolls came to life once, which is funny considering this thread title. :lol: I'd love to have the same doll from my dream to come to life. He'd probably be the same size as what he was in my dream (the size of a small child). The reason is that he's a very emotionally driven character that needs support from others, which is where I come in.

      I could go on forever about why my doll should come to life, but for now I'll stick to this. :)
    13. You should tell us why you want that doll in your dream come to life. I once dreamt Anthony (Isao) and Joe (Yukinojo ver 1) as real people, human size) and I did not pick them. It’s hard enough living with them as dolls, imagine them in real life.

      My 80 year old mother once looked at all my boys, she told me that beautiful boys exist only as dolls, in real life, boys cannot be too beautiful because beautiful boys bring home trouble, they’re no good. Keep them as dolls.

      For me personally, I choose the humblest of them all.
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    14. None. I would fear for my life and that of the rest of the world. All the dolls I own are based on very wicked characters, from the OCs to the ones based on famous fictional characters. This is a very fun question though, I think if I had less evil ones I would probably be super excited about thinking which one I would pick (although I guess I could pick MGS Raiden or RE4 Leon S. Kennedy, but even those can be scary people at times, based on the existing franchises they belong to).
    15. I'm tempted to say none just because of the creepiness factor, but since I wouldn't mind having someone around to shovel snow and clean out the eavestroughs, maybe one of the EIDs just for their labour! :lol:
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    16. I’m sure all of fine come to life when the doors are closed....my very own Toy Story!
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    17. That would be my Endigo. I love him so much and he was my first doll I got. I put a lot of character into him.
    18. My Fairyland PukiPuki Flora Loreley mermaid, Soop! Tiny pink mermaid is all I aspire to be and that's what she is
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    19. Probably a Cuarto dragon! Though...as much as a "full size" dragon would be interesting (maybe fun, probably disastrous), I think I'd better stick with the miniature size. :sweat
    20. I would LOVE for my Crobidoll Sinbi to come to life ala Life Sized!! We’d go shopping and do each other’s hair and makeup :XD: