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Who Has Teeth?

Feb 24, 2005

    1. Sorry but this statement confuses me and I was just wondering if you could clarify what you meant. RooA doesn't look human?

      (Or maybe it's cause it's 3am >_>;; )
    2. hee~ thank you! Tempe is my sweetie...

      the 4 sisters head looked weird in person at first, then it really grows on you

      alsma: :) most welcome. Its kind of hard to see the teeth, you have to take pics at a weird angle...
    3. I'm still in the Dark Ages and was referring to the old F-09...I haven't gotten myself up on the new head numbers...

      I'll get 'em memorized...eventually ;-)
    4. No - Roo-A is human. I mentioned earlier that the eLuts vampire versions have teeth.
    5. Oooh! Yes go me for skimming posts. XD
    6. Oh, I just recalled - Kawainino IZ has teeth as well, quite deep in his mouth. ^_^
    7. The F-08 (I... don't know what it is on the new numbering... I'm still stuck on the 'old system') has teeth. They're little, but they're there. : )
    8. I'm pretty sure RooA can be human or elf. From what I know of, I think all of Lovely Houses dolls come with both human and elf ears. I know my ShinB did, I just keep the human ears on her.

      Perhaps this is what they meant by her not being human, because of the elf ears?

    9. Sleeping shiwoo elf has teeth. :3 I wonder if the dreaming shiwoo and el heads have teeth?
    10. As batchix said, the Sleeping Elf Shiwoo has teeth.

      Also mentioned was standard Lishe. Her mouth is open slightly and there is just the barest suggestive hint of teeth behind her full, beautiful lips.

      (And I know that you're not looking at the little ones, but Serendipity Shall and Mini May both had entirely cute teeth.)

    11. Island Doll Vivian

      (wow this is an old thread!)

    12. April story 's girl has the teeth!