Why isn't xaga doll more popular?

Aug 21, 2017

    1. I love the Red Obsidian line! I have 3 of them actually. :) The 10 month wait time is only ordering through Mint on Card! I waited about 2 months through Alice Collections, and 30 days when ordering directly from their Taobao with an agent. So FEAR NOT THE WAIT TIME--I don't know why MoC specifically has such a long lead time but I've never waited that long for the 3 I have. One of mine took an extra long time to get to me (my Mini-Ann) but I think she just got lost in shipping shuffle. The Ken I ordered at the same time arrived months before she did, so go figure...

      I think Xaga just didn't strike a stronger chord with English-speaking collectors. I can find quite a few pics on Weibo, but good luck navigating it... :') I muddle along ok just to find cute pictures. It's a shame because I agree, their dolls are gorgeous in all sizes!
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    2. MoC sucks in my opinion! The shipping prices are too steep =_= and awesome! I'm trying to buy directly from their website
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    3. If you order from AC, they'll ship the doll for free! It's slow shipping but it IS free.
    4. WOAH! What is AC?
    5. Alice Collections! Dolls under 30cm ship free!