Wigs for Elfdoll Rainy girls?

Jul 6, 2005

    1. This is probably a really stupid question :doh but I can't for the life of me find any info on this. What size wig does elfdoll Lydia wear? Couldn't find the sizing on the website. Hoping someone can help me :)
    2. 8-9 or 7-8 if it's strechy like the Monique Gold ones.
    3. Thankyou! ^^
    4. I'm looking to get one of the reservation Leeke wigs for my girl, but being an elfdoll no0b, I really don't have any idea of which size to get her, considering an 8-9 eats her head. She's a Soah, btw, I don't know if that makes much difference.

      Are the leeke wigs stretchy enough so I can get a 7-8 like the monique? Or do I just get a 8-9 and staple it to her noggin?

      Aplologies if this is in the wrong place/a repeat of questions. Point me in the right direction! D:

      Sankyuu ^^
    5. Leekeword 7-8 wigs fits 19-21 cm heads 8-9 fits 22 -24 cm heads as far I understand, If I remember correctly 7-8 wigs fit Soah perfectly as she got a small head (20-21 cm)
    6. I've had 7-8 Leekworld wig for my Soah. It was a bit snug, but perfectly all right. :)
    7. Great! Thanks! ^.^
    8. Sorry to start another thread like this but I'm looking for a little information. Please delete this thread if you find it unnecessary. I'm hoping for a little help. I'm currently saving for a lovely Soah and I know that her head isn't as large as other dolls. I've read lots of suggestions - Jpop Dolls and Monique Wigs. However, my real questions is - Will larger sized (8/9) Dollmore Wigs fit Soah. I know they'll probably be a bit big, but I'm counting on using a wig cap or a nifty little trick that I read about which is basically putting a normal household elastic band on her head before I put the wig on. The hairline of the wig will help to hide the elastic and should also help the wig fit better. Before I spend the money at Dollmore I just want to be sure that the 8/9 sized wigs aren't HUGE on her head. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    9. I have a Soah and she is currently wearing a 8/9 Dollmore wig. It does fit, but it's a bit loose so it slips off easy. But my solution is the almighty rubberband, and it works pretty well to stop the slippage! I wonder if a 7/8 wig will fit much better, but I am not sure.

      BTW the Jpop/Monique wigs will have to be a 7/8 to fit well on an Elfdoll head. They have a really stretchy elastic built in so it might work.
    10. Yay! Thank you so much for the good news! I've been planning my Soah for a while and fell in love with 2 wigs at Dollmore. Now I know I can get them and not to worry a whole lot! Thanks again!
    11. The issue with wigs that are large on a doll isn't merely that they might slip off, but rather that they may bulge unatractivly around the doll's head.
    12. my soah wears an 8/9, even in monique wigs. i find a 7/8 to be too hard to get on and keep on, so i use the wig caps or rubber bands to hold the 8/9 wigs on.
    13. I have a 7/8 and 8/9 in JPOP wigs...the 8/9 would be too big without the wig cap. The 7/8 fits perfectly.
    14. I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new (sadly) and I'm about to purchase my first BJD (After years and years of admiration).

      I’ve decided to buy an Elfdoll – Rainydoll Sooah, however no matter where I search or how much I read I can not seem to find what size wig she wears. Can anyone help me? I’m very sorry, like I said I’m new, but truth be told I’d rather embarrass myself by asking rather than jumping at a guess and being sorry for it.

      On the site it says that the circumference of her head is 20cm, but when I search for wigs all the sites tell me is what size (like size 4, 5, 6 etc) they are.
      If you own a Rainydoll Sooah would you mind telling me what size yours wears?

      Also I’ve read so much about them, but if there is anything that I need to know please inform me. :3
    15. For my Sooah, I like an 8/9 but she possibly could wear a 7/8 if the wig cap is stretchy like Monique Gold wigs.
    16. This might help, too, as a more general reference point: wigs are sized in inches. (whyyyyyy???? ;) ) So 7/8 means that the wig is intended to fit a head with a 7-8 inch circumference . . . 8/9 means that the wig is intended to fit a head with an 8-9 inch circumference . . . and so on. If you grab a ruler or tape measure with inches on one side and metric on the other side, it's easy to check how many inches equal 20cm. (Or you can do the math, but I'm lazy that way.)
    17. I find that the Monique 7/8 wigs fit my Elfdoll Ryung just fine. I did get one in an 8/9 because the 7/8's were sold out, and find that it tends to slip a little. I also find that with the next size up, there can sometimes just be too much hair, which overwhelms the doll.

      The key is really whether the wig cap is stretchy or not. There are some wig-makers who specify that their wig caps are not stretchy. Fur wigs are a perfect example of this. In that case, I'd buy the 8/9.
    18. I have a Soah, and I usually put her in the wigs that Luts makes for Delfs (since I have many Delfs). I think they are size 8-9, not entirely sure though. Some of them are a bit big, but a lot of them look cute on her!
    19. Size 8-9 wig fits my June very well. I just ordered two Monique wigs and I can't wait to see the difference in her.
    20. My Elf Soah is presently wearing the 7-8 Jpop Kana long. Its very snug but she looks good in it and as long and she's not spinning around or jumping up and down its fine. ;)

      The 8-9 Jpop wigs and Monique wigs swamped her face and then fell off.