Wigs for Elfdoll Rainy girls?

Jul 6, 2005

    1. My Lydia wears a 8-9 Monique ('Pretty Girl Carrot Red') wig and it fits her PERFECTLY. It's just the right size, and looks very natural and is just snug enough.
    2. Wow, old thread!

      But I'll just add my input.

      Cancan jseries sells wigs in an exact size 8 - They are perfect for the Rainydoll girls!
    3. Where do you buy them from? So far I have gotten my wigs from Audrey's, the monique ones in a size 8-9.

    4. Hellos again. :)
      I have a 58cm Elfdoll Elf Sooah - Polaris, and was wondering if anyone knew if Volks' wigs fit Elfdolls? I would think not, since their sculpts have more childlike faces... but I would still like to know. ^^
    5. My K, Aden and Hazy all are wearing Volks MSD wigs but Sooah's head is bigger than those three so I'd think that size would be too small and the SD Volks wigs might be on the large size.
    6. Hm... that was what I was thinking....
      Thanks for the input. ^^
    7. It is possible to squeeze a MSD wig on an Elfdoll girl, but it will be a very tight fit. Once on the wig will look very nice and proportional, but getting it there will be the problem...

      SD wigs are way, way too big on Elfdoll girls.
    8. I tried a Volks MSD wig W-55 on Elfdoll Aurora and it was a nice, easy fit. :) That is one of the larger sized MSD wig styles though, as far as I know.
    9. So... right now I'm trying to find a perfect wig for my Elfdoll Elf Sooah - polaris. Anyone know if the Dream of Doll DoT wigs fit?

      I saw THIS page: http://www.lindsayscorner.com/Default.aspx?tabid=163
      And it appears that DoT and Elfdolls seem similiar... so... Anyone wanna help me out?

      Sorry for asking so much. I'm new to this whole thing, and would rather be safe than wasting money. ^^;;
    10. I bought a DoT wig early on for my Soah, it was a good fit... I'd say it was a 8-9" wig, whereas Elfdoll's own wigs are straight 8".
    11. Ooh... Thanks! :3
      -flees to DoD website-
    12. Anyone know where I can find Elfdoll wigs for their 60cm dolls? I've checked on their website, but I couldn't find any wigs. ~_~
    13. So recently, I have come across the LUTS website, and boy, do they have some beautiful wigs! :D I was wondering if anyone had purchased a LUTS wig for their Sooah, and if they could possibly tell me if it fits nice and snug? Thanks for any responses back~ ^^
    14. Hello again. ^^
      Sorry to be bothering you all, but does anyone know what a good size Monique Gold wig would be for an Elfdoll Sooah? Thanks for any help. ^^
    15. Go with a 7-8 :)
    16. I second the 7-8!
      My Sooah has an 8-9 Pretty Girl right now, and it continually falls off her head...she just swims in it. XDDD I'm going to get her a 7-8 to replace it soon.
    17. Ooh. Okay, thanks! :)
    18. You should check out Dolls and Friends. They are going out of business (sob) and they have wigs for those girls. They generally wear side 8-9 I believe, so you don't have to buy Elfdoll specifically. Leeke has gorgeous wigs.
    19. oh! I too am interested in finding Elfdoll Wigs. I saw where JunkySpot had a catagory for them, but none are listed for sale there...

      I'm particularly interested in this wig:


      Sorry for intruding in your thread :sweat will definitely be watching to see if anyone knows where to find them
    20. Elfdoll sold wonderful wigs for their dolls previously, just the right size for the Rainys... But they stopped selling wigs all together when they were engulfed by Artmaze.