Wigs for Elfdoll Rainy girls?

Jul 6, 2005

    1. So... I was going to order a Monique Gold wig for my incoming Sooah, and read about wig caps. Are they needed? Are they useful? What size would be good for an [elf] Sooah?

      Thanks for any responses. ^^
    2. taintedrose, all of your questions about anything having to do with wigs for Sooah have been merged into the Elfdoll Rainy girl Wig discussion. All of these questions fall under the same catagory.

      According to what I read at Denver Doll, Sooah takes a 7-8 silicone wig cap.

      Good luck! :)
    3. I got a 7-8 silicon wig cap for my Sooah, but I tried on a 6-7 size that I had bought for my Narae and I found it worked better. I buy her 7-8 wigs from Monique Gold and they stay on very well.
    4. denverdoll.com is another great site for wigs...they also sell all of Rainy's Elfdolls!
    5. Wigcaps are great. I wish I had more. My Sooah always needed help to keep her wigs on. I have Polaris coming too, and I am sure she will need a wigcap/moleskin/velcro tabs, whatever to keep her hair on.
    6. Stella Maris, I've got my Polaris in an 8/9 Monique Gold wig which is roomy but works fine with a wig cap. Her head seems a bit smaller than my Sooah. My Sooah could never wear 7/8 wigs, they always popped right off her head but on Polaris I suspect they'd be fine. Here's my Polaris in the 8/9 wig.
    7. if its Elfdoll wigs your looking for, I was told this by Elfdoll when I asked if their default wigs could be ordered separately:

      [though i'm not sure if this link will work without requesting it...]

      ~ I also found out the wig i mentioned in an earlier post was no longer available :(
    8. Can anyone answer this? Question regards a SOAH
      Which fits better- 7/8 or 8/9 DOLLGA wigs
    9. I'd go with the 8-9 in the Dollga wig.
    10. I happened to have a Sooah but Cancan 8-9 wigs were too big. I would say 7-8 could fit better but it always depends on the company size.
    11. Regarding Dollga wigs: it's a difficult question. Elfdoll girls have straight 8'' heads.

      I've had a Leeke 7-8 and a Luts 7-8 on my Soah, and it's a very snug fit. I haven't got a Dollga 8-9 myself, but my friend Ahiru's Suiseiseki wears one nicely - and the Rozen Maiden twins have much bigger heads than Soah!

      Getting help from doll people in your vicinity would be an eminent idea for you, asking if you could try different sizes at doll meetups or other events.
    12. .............
    13. so hopefully a mod will move it to the right place for me. :sweat
      I'm really curious about Luts wigs for Elfdoll Soahs/Rainy girls. I've heard that they are a size 8, but on LUTS there are two size close to it: There's the 7-8inch ones and the 8.5-9.5 inch ones. Hopefully someone has experimented and can tell me the correct size for these girls, otherwise I'll just order a wig from each size. :)
    14. I have found that when I had my elfdoll girls, 7-8 wigs were best, 8-9 were too big, hope that helps a bit :)
    15. taintedrose: I have tried both Luts 7-8 wigs and 8.5-9.5 wigs on my Soah, the 7-8 is a very snug fit but possible with a tad determination, and the 8,5-9,5 size, which is unbecomingly loose.
    16. Thanks! You seem to answer all of my questions. lol. xD
    17. I'm terribly sorry for being so annoying, so I'm apologizing in advance! -bows-
      I swear this is the last question concerning wigs for Sooahs for a while! xD
      I was checking out the Dollmore ones, and they have a few I really like, both in the MSD (7-8) size, and SD (8-9) size. I know that Sooahs are typically a 7-8 size, but I wonder if Dollmore wigs are sized differently than others? Thanks so much! (and once again, sorry for being annoying, if you find that I am ^^;;)
    18. taintedrose I brought an 8-9 dollmore wig for my Polaris Sooah and it is way too big.
    19. So would a 7-8 be the best option then?
    20. I'd say so. Sorry I don't have a dollmore 7-8 wig to try on to make sure. Also I have an 8-9 Monique Wig that does fit but is still fairly loose. I think most people seem to buy the 7-8 Monique wigs for Elf dolls. If you go to the dollpeddlar.com site they have the proper elf doll wigs for sale and they are perfect! I have 3 of those wigs. They are of course more expensive but they are good quality and fit perfectly. Hope this helps.:)