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Will it fit?

Jul 26, 2016

    1. Hi! Would MSD clothes fit a 45cm doll? I know they fit Narae dolls, which are generally about 42cm but I guess 3 extra centimetres might still make a difference. Does anyone own a doll this size? :/
    2. MSD is generally 39cm to 49cm, so yeah it will fit, depending. For example Iplehouse JID are MSD size but do not fit most clothes because of their bulkiness and curves. But most MSD dolls do fit MSD clothes.
    3. MSD clothes should fit anything around that size! 45cm is a pretty safe height for MSD, so you shouldn't have any trouble really.
    4. It's not the height so much as the body build. There are Minis and Slim Minis and Mini Matures (among others). I have all three. Clothes made for Minis (i.e., MSD) are a little loose but usable on Slim Minis like Narae. They are even looser on Mini Matures like Raccoon Doll and Model Delf. A lot depends on the style of clothing, too. With some styles a bit of looseness isn't a problem, but if an MSD outfit is supposed to be fitted, it may not look right on a doll with a small waist. It's hard to give practical advice without knowing what doll you are referring to.
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    5. I was referring to a Mystic Kids body. It doesn't look too bulky or anything so if it depends on body build I guess I should be safe ^^ Thanks!
    6. You can always try the discussion thread for Mystic Kids. If the topic of what fits is not discussed yet you can always ask there. That way people who actually own the same body will be likelier to see it. :)
      Mystic Kids 1/4 Discussion
    7. Nice tip! Thanks! I'm pretty new here and it didn't even occur to me there'd already be a discussion thread for Mystic Kids but it only makes sense ^^ Thanks again!
    8. No problem.
      This is a big place, it can be overwhelming at times. But it is well structured and nicely moderated, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The search function is a valuable tool as well.