Withdoll 16cm Tinies Discussion - Part 2

Dec 20, 2016

    1. Sorry I'm very late with my answer. Here is a list with a few shops.

      Luts: Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company (The TDF 20 clothes should be to large)
      nine9style: DANDY / Lati-Y /16cm - DANDY / Lati-Y /16cm
      Doll Heart: Cloth Set - Lati-Yellow | 1/8

      I bought most of my clothes for this site from Etsy Stores
      YlangGarden: by YlangGarden
      AngelGardenbyChilly: Outfits For Pukifee Lati Yellow YOSD... by AngelGardenByChilly
      GuguModa: Hand-made outfits, shoes and accessories for BJD by GuguModa
      DollyIAM:Handmade Doll Outfits by DollyIAM

      With the shoes it is the same as with the clothes. They have the same size as Lati Yellow, Pukifee and Tiny Delfs, but they can also wear blythe shoes except boots, because these are too high.
      Alice's Collections: http://www.acbjd.com/shoes-ms-lati-c-68_533.html
      Coolcat: http://us.sk-coolcat.com/front/bin/ptdetail.phtml?Part=sh05&Category=336971

      While writing the list I wondered where you all buy your clothes for your tinies? Or do they wear there default outfits only?
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    2. Darn! I promised myself if the Owl Post dolls ever came up for sale again I'd get one, but I don't think I'll be able to.
    3. Ahh, my Arctic Fox Penn arrived a little while back but only just got round to taking a photo. I have to say the fuzzy outfit makes her very tactile, I keep picking her up just because she feels nice to hold :lol:

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    4. @Epicari - Sweet! :love And I just love her little bird friend.
    5. She is so cute.
    6. Well, I might finally join you all in this thread as I just gave in and decided to order my first Withdoll tiny. I admit that I'm usually not such a big fan of the tiny size, yet it seems I just recently rediscovered my love for them. (Thanks to @Feylla )

      The penguins were just too cute to pass them by a second time. By the way, how often does Withdoll re-release their limiteds? Is there any chance they might do a third(?) run of Macaron Fairies?
    7. You're welcome. Which one do you like to order?

      Can't say how often they rerelease their dolls. I can't see a system behind this. They selling the penguins at least for the third time and other releases where never rereleased like the Pandas or Dinos.
    8. I'm getting Penn. I actually wanted Pooky as penguin, but knowing myself, he'd just sit there in his penguin costume all day, so I rather get Penn and hope that she'll inspire me to create some outfits for her :).
    9. Penn is very cute and I hope she can inspire you. Did you rediscovered the tinies, because I said they are very easy to handle in every point?
      I would love to get Pooky, but I will wait for their Halloween release. Fingers crossed for butler Pooky.
    10. Yes, but most of all I actually enjoyed looking at your photos in the ADAW group :).

      Oh, and absolutely yes, Halloween Butler Pooky is gorgeous, too.

      Does anyone know how fast Withdoll are with shipping currently?
    11. What is the ADAW group?
    12. It's the A Doll A Week group on flickr, where members are supposed to post one picture of their dolls once a week.
    13. Thanks, the Sakura & Paper Xiao Jiu bird is a lot of fun. It looks just like the little Long Tailed Tits we get in the UK :)
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    14. I'm finally sharing my boys, Hoshi (jax)and Sho (pooky)! They now have face ups and they're pretty much complete, i love them so much!
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    15. OMG! They are sooo cute! As I noticed Withdoll had a 10% discount event I ordered a Jax (just a basic one). He's been on my wishlist for some time, and I thought now it is a good time to get one. I wish I had ordered one of those spacemen, though, but a basic Jax will do.
    16. @Zymi00 - Eeeeee! I just love your little astronauts, especially Jax. That little smirk just slays me.

      @spih - Have you noticed that WithDoll has re-released the Bad Boys Holiday Edition? I want a snowboarding, Coca Cola drinking Jax in the worst way. I missed getting him the first time. OMG, I just noticed the sale ends tomorrow. No way can I afford to order him right now. No-o-o-o-o!
    17. I think the Bad Boy Jax sold out already. In any case I like the basic face up better (no white eyelashes) because I'm going to make him a redhead.
    18. Coke bottles and skateboards are available. The Coke bottle isn't even included!

      added! Bad boy Jax is available now.
    19. I had no trouble ordering him (I am a terrible person:evilplot:) as soon as I got off here earlier. Bad Boy Jax is coming home, snowboard and all. I didn't see the Coke bottles on WithDoll's site, but I already have some. Of course, my case says "Soda Pop" and the bottles say Cola, but I'm not fussy. They'll do.
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    20. @spih @vermont chick Thank youu and congrats can’t wait to see your jaxs when you get them!
      I’m glad i was able to get jax and pookywith the suits, but I really do wish we could buy outfits separately .. i would so love the bad boys outfits and pengin ones too, but in the end no matter what they wear they are still cutee!