Withdoll 16cm Tinies Discussion - Part 2

Dec 20, 2016

    1. @Zymi00 - I wish we could buy the outfits separately, too. I love nearly all the animal suits, but having to buy a doll each time limits how many I can realistically get. But I just had to get Jax. That face!
    2. Every time I see kind of twins my heart drops :3nodding:
    3. I couldn't find a thread for the new 27cm dolls, but I just purchased Ivy in Honey Brown resin and I'm beyond excited! :D

      The resin color looks beautiful, and the company faceup is just adorable, too. Hoping I can post photos here when she arrives.
    4. Congrats on your order, @NekoNyanMew ! I'm guessing you have the option to start a new thread for the 27 cm size. On the other hand, it's still a tiny so I don't see why it can't be discussed here.

      Can't wait to see photos.:)
    5. Thank you, @vermont chick! Maybe I'll magically find enough time to take some box opening photos for this one. :lol:
    6. My Jax is home! His name is Rumpelteazer. I think he'll be quite a handful. He really has a very unique face. You gotta love that crooked grin!

      [​IMG]Rumpelteazer by spih_2, on Flickr
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    7. @spih - I love Rulpelteazer! What a great name. I'm in love with his crooked grin, too. You just know he's up to something. I'm waiting for my bad boy snowboarding Jax to arrive.
    8. My Bad Boys snowboarding Jax has shipped! His plane should be landing in New York within the next two hours. So excited! Unless the Christmas crush is already slowing packages at the airport, I figure I'll have Jax by Wednesday.
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    9. Bad Boy Jax has arrived! :celebrate By the time I changed his hands and feet and dressed him in his costume, I ran out of light for photos. I'll show him off tomorrow. He's so stinkin' cute that I look at him and have to smile.
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    10. And here's Jackson...
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    11. Awww... What a cutie - though I'm sure he hates being called cute ;-)
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    12. Jax's face is amazing! I love faces like that!
    13. He's adorable! I must get Jax someday!
    14. Thanks @spih, @NatsuC and @nancy_schroeder_ca ! I fell in love with Jax's little smirk the first time I saw it and knew I'd have to get him someday. I missed this version the first time it came around, so I'm delighted I got another chance to buy it. My only problem with him (besides the usual one of struggling to get the animal suit on) is that both the resin snowboard and Jax's paws are slippery. I tried silicone eye putty to hold him in place but it didn't work. Scuffing up the board and paws is another possibility, except that I got the paws painted and don't want to ruin the finish. He also had a hard time standing on the white felt "snow" in my photos, so in most of them he's being propped up by something. Doesn't matter, though. I still love him to bits. Here's another look:
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    15. I would think the silicone earplugs would work. Or earthquake hold products might work.
    16. I couldn't get the silicone earplugs to stick for love or money. Earthquake hold products sound intriguing. I've never come across those before, probably because VT gets very few earthquakes. I'll take a look online.
    17. ok re: slippery problem you can try cutting and sticking teeensy pieces of Nail Jelly Stickers. Its intended use is for sticking plastic nail tips but backstage we often use it to stop props or as a reversible means of adhering smooth shiny surfaces that have no grip.

      they are clear and come precut between sticker backings, available in most cosmetic shops or drugstores. It's safe for human skin but as with all things please test it before application to resin? Just concerned due to the blushing. Worth a try~
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    18. Wow, something else I never heard of, but it sounds promising. Thanks!
    19. My Honey Brown Ivy is home!


      WITHDoll did an amazing job with the 27cm body. She poses like a champ, and is extremely sturdy. None of the joints have any slippage, and there's a great range of motion all around. The company faceup is quite cute as well - not as detailed as what I've seen on the 40cm dolls, but there's less surface area to work with on this sculpt. Resin color is absolutely amazing, and I'm really pleased with how she came out! :D
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