Withdoll 16cm Tinies Discussion - Part 2

Dec 20, 2016

    1. Ivy is stunning, @NekoNyanMew ! I'm in love with the white hair and kimono combination--it's unexpected and lovely. I wasn't impressed with WithDoll's photos of her. Yours is much better.
    2. Thanks kindly!

      I feel like the company photos don't often do their dolls justice. She was really worth every penny, though. :3nodding:
    3. NekoNyanMew, your Ivy is very beautiful, congrats on getting her!

      In the meantime my Penn arrived and I'm not sure whether I'm happy or not with her. I actually especially did not like her default wig on her, but now with this brownish wig, she starts to grow on me. I guess it's time to figure out what kind of clothing would be best for her.

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    4. Your Penn is adorable, @Sharkyra!

      The dark brown wig suits her well. If you're still not sure about her, have you tried maybe changing the eye size? Sometimes I prefer smaller eyes in my dolls. I hope you can find something that works!
    5. I agree that smaller irises would look good and maybe a softer color.
    6. Thank you very much for the advice, I will try some smaller eyes, maybe it will look better. We're not giving up that easily :)
    7. Another photo of Velvet in the eyes and wig I bought for her. I'm still unsure whether I'd like to keep this look, but she's just adorable. :love

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    8. @NekoNyanMew - If she were mine I'd definitely keep that look. Those eyes are gorgeous and I love how her colors work together.
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    9. I will soon join this thread. So excited to have my little Azure! I got her the snowfox suit secondhand (a jax is attached to it xD ), and cant wait for her and the babyfox clothing to arrive :love (i ordered her in dec 3rd... does anyone know how much are withdoll waiting times for blank dolls?
    10. Congrats @Nonexistent ! Can't wait to see your little fox. I can't speak for blank dolls but my Jax with faceup and fullset took 3 months to arrive. I think that's a little longer than any of my previous orders, so it may depend on how many orders they have at the time.

      Also, I finally found something that would help accessories stick to Jax. I used Aleene's Instant Tacky craft putty. Here he is at a doll meetup. He is grooving to a boom box (actually a refrigerator magnet!) borrowed from another attendee. Not pictured is his snowboard, which also stuck on with the Instant Tacky.

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    11. Lumi, my Azure, arrived last week! She is so cute!! Now i need to give her a faceup and make her eyes!!

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    12. @Nonexistent - Oh, how sweet! :love She's adorable even without a faceup and the snow fox costume is precious. Love her.
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    13. Withdoll is selling the penguins again ... and again, I'm kind of tempted ...
      But I can't even decide whether I like Penn or Poppy more. I like Penn's eyes more, but (especially with the snow fox FU) she looks so "open-mouthed", which I really don't like. But I would definetly want the company FU ...

      So, has anyone pictures of Poppy or Penn with company FU, preferably the penguin and not the snow fox version? There seem to be hardly any owner pics of Poppy around.
    14. I was so happy to see Pooky available at the same time I had money.
      Had to drool at Parker too, but I don't have a character for him so just stuck with the little guy for now, though do want to get Penn eventually, specifically one with paw feet.

      Also got a body for my Doll Leaves Arwen since I prefer the Withdoll tiny bodies.
    15. [​IMG]

      He got here today and I love him!
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    16. He's adorable!
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    17. [​IMG]

      This is my baby Rosalie. I finally got her finished and in her proper outfit... I just wanted to show her off. She's their... Withdoll... Raspberry. I started with just one, the Strawberry? I was afraid of 16s. I thought, "Well, she's cute and they're cheap, I'll give it a try." The moment I held Baby G, my strawberry, I LOST it. That became my favorite of all sizes, more than MSD, more than SD, more than Yo-SD, I now have 8 Withdoll tinies (Vanilla is my pure favorite sculpt. I love Vanilla. I have two. :) ) and they're actually starting to get finished! I have four of them finished now and they impress me more by the day (somehow despite having some of them for seven years now!)
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    18. @moondream6 - Cute! I love how you've styled her. Could we see the other ones you've finished?
    19. [​IMG]

      Thank you so much! Here's two more. The first one is my REAL baby. My Pure child. I love her more than any doll and I think I'd fight a crowd of people if it was between her and them. She's Baby G (aka Emily), the Withdoll Strawberry. She completely changed my plans in the doll world. I had entirely thought I should only have MSD size, as I feared the other sizes, and when I saw the ice cream children released, I hesitantly added her to my order. I never regretted anything less in my entire life. She's not fullbody in the photo, but I hadn't received her perfect outfit until after I took it, so that is the best I have of her.

      The second doll is my ... actual second 16cm I ever got. :x That's Sweet T (aka Tamara), the Withdoll Pistachio. Initially, I disliked the shade of green quite a bit, but upon looking at her sculpt, I found her face quite attractive. So I ordered her, just not in green. My roommate ordered a Lemon in green and... I ended up with that doll too. Despite initially hating that Lemon sculpt AND the green color, I now love Stella extremely much and don't mind anything about her. Sweet T is actually Baby G's adopted sister... sort of. Merle, Baby G's father, adopted T to be his heir so that when he got old he could step down without worries... and when G came back in, T worried she would lose the 'allowance' Merle was giving her to feed her family and the future position. But Emily insisted she didn't want the future position, so T didn't lose anything. ... I based the dolls off characters I'd written in an unpublished book. ^_^;; So they have full everything in my head. I could talk for days about them. Rosalie is Baby G's best friend.

      I also have T's close friend (future fiance) Lance completed, but I haven't taken a photo of him yet. I kept waiting for the weather to get better, and... in the very long winter, I forgot I wanted to do that. He's still pictureless, although he is a handsome little Vanilla. in a dark tan color. The Vanilla sculpt is extremely important to me. When the three were first released, I loved Strawberry, I loved Chocolate, I had no opinion of any kind about Vanilla. I showed them to a coworker and she said, "Oh but look at the sleeping one. You could put her in pajamas and take all kinds of sleeping photos of her..." and she talked all about what I could do with Vanilla... and I decided in the end not to buy a Vanilla. I figured... well, it would be fine. I'd just get Strawberry. Just in case I didn't like the size. I fell in LOVE with the size, spent the next year searching diligently for a Vanilla. (I didn't know they'd only sold 4 Vanilla the first sale. I searched extremely long and hard to find one, every day.) I ended up getting the Chocolate from my roommate, but no Vanilla. Then they re-released them and I bought TWO Vanillas, one for me, one for my best friend. My best friend never quite connected with 16's. He's more of a MSD/SD type guy, so a few years later, he gave me his Vanilla (Vani), and the Raspberry (Rosalie) he'd bought. I'm extremely grateful for them and I love all of my kids very much.
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