Withdoll 60cm discussion

Apr 16, 2015

    1. Oh, I'm actually rather disappointed... :( Those knee joints are hideous when bent! Quite the deal breaker for me. And I'd been waiting for them to put out a 60cm body pretty much since they opened too. T_T
    2. The peanut knees are a bit odd, especially since they did such a nice job with doing an elbow to help the arm joint appear more natural. Most of my girls wear longer dresses or pants, so I should be able to over look the Lego looking knees.

      My only real concern is the neck might be a little thick for my taste. Though the heads I may hybrid with this body are a bit on the larger side, so it might work out in my favor in the end.

      I just super hope they make basics so I am able to get a few bodies down the road! I wish I could jump in on this sale, but alas!
    3. I don't generally like double jointed knees, because I don't think they're ever pretty, and they lenghten the leg when bent (which makes pants ride up the leg) +double jointed knees aren't generally much needed. But Withdoll does two types of knees: single knees that don't work that well, and these kinds of double jointed knees with the nugget inside and harsh edges (the boys have these same knees). I don't think they're very pretty either, but they're most likely stable, like the boy bodies are. Though, when wearing tighter pants, you can see the harsh edges through them -I don't love that.

      But the question becomes: do you want pretty, but useless knees or do you want non-pretty, but working knees. They couldn't make the knee joint similar to the elbow because then it wouldn't be able to support the weight in a stable manner, and putting the same knees as the 40cm girls on these bigger bodies would make them really prone to falling because of how much more mass they have. (And a lot of people have complained about those knees.)

      I'm quite excited to get to bending these bodies and testing how flexible vs. stable they are. ^^ And I hope they make more bust sizes in the future.
    4. Double post, but Mizya and I received our review prototypes.

      Blog entry

      This body bends beautifully. It looks very similar to the mini female body, but is very far from it in posing. If(/when) anyone had problems with the previous girl knees, these definitely don't pose any of the same problems. I definitely no longer care that they're not very pretty. The thighs also don't get stuck in the locks in the lower torso like in the mini girls, making standing poses easier. She's not quite as stable as the minis, but I'm hoping they might fix that before sending out any dolls.

      As for the size, she is indeed exactly 57,5cm tall and a very general SD/SD13 size. I compared her to a Luts Delf and the sizes are very similar: her bust is slightly larger and bum smaller, but they generally fit into the same clothing. Well, a lot of the clothes I had were a bit tight in the bust area, but most of them are made for a smaller busted girl. But clothing or hybriding this body should not be difficult.

      I can provide more photos and answer questions if anyone wants to know more. ^^
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    5. They can CROUCH!!!? I have always wanted an doll that could do that!

      And the photos with the Delf! THANK YOU! I have two Fairyland heads that I want to hybrid onto this body and seeing Delf and WD side by side and the head swap is making this combo go to the top of my list!
    6. [MENTION=2214]Yenna[/MENTION] I just looked at your blog. i love all the pictures and now I really have my heart set on getting one of these girls when I get the money. I was wondering if you could post a picture of her wearing the 14mm eyes? I like more white showing than the 16s give her so I'm curious to how they look. I know you said 'starey' on your site, but still. I'd love to see them please!
    7. Yes they can, but only with the lift they get from heels. On flat ground the ankles don't bend forward enough. I'm glad they helped. ^^

      Here's both Margery and Cecily wearing 14mm eyes:
      I only had pale blue 14mms out of dolls right now and the other pair is quite horrible (so pale and no rim around the iris), so I mismatched them, sorry about that. Just a warning, though: a certain shape 14mm eyes will definitely gap, because they're a bit too small for the eyewells.
    8. Thank you!
    9. You're welcome.

      Withdoll has received everyone's feedback and I just heard from them that they'll be slightly modifying the knees to make them look softer. They will also release a small bust size within this month (the people who have already ordered the body can change to that if they want), and a larger bust sometime in the future. The next head will also have 14mm eyes.

      I'm currently sewing for the body so I don't have many photos with a face up yet, but here's one for starters:

      My grumpy princess. <3 She's a slightly younger version of Prisca (my Withdoll Priscilla) for now. But if I get inspiration I might re-do the face and make her into another character.
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    10. While the knees do look a little strange when bent, I think the overall shape and style of these bodies is fantastic!! I love both the face sculpts and I'm really impressed with what I've seen of the poseability of these bodies. I might have to start saving for one of these girls ;)

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    11. I love that they're taking feedback into account! That's so cool and nice. ; v ; I love this body, these girls are so beautiful... Withdoll always delivers on the loveliness front. I might have to get one of these girls myself someday, so cute...! (And it would be nice to have a standard-sized doll in the house...)
    12. That's not a very good choice. The other choice of course would be pretty knees that work. Not an impossible task for others. Withdoll's have such beautiful legs that I want them to show so it's not like they would be wearing pants. But in the end I would sacrifice usefulness for aesthetics.
    13. Idoru, I know, right? They're also fixing some internal issues I brought up to them. =u= I know many companies that wouldn't bother once the doll is out already.

      It could also be ugly knees that don't work -seen plenty of those too. But honestly, I have never seen double jointed knees that work and look pretty. =__= I have a few dolls with pretty double knees but they're useless. But I was also talking about Withdoll specifically. If you want double jointed knees, those are the options because it's what their sculptor can do. It's not like they can suddenly just jump into a completely different style; they might not work at all. So talking about what other sculptors can do in their style can't really be compared. Besides, they took the customer feedback into account and are now fixing the knees to soften up the lines, so they'll look better.
    14. Seconding what Yenna said. Each sculptor has their own style and expertise, they can't just make a complete turnaround all of a sudden. It took them well over a year to develop this body, so if they now started experimenting on various types of knees... it would take a long time to test different options to find a solution that works. Not to mention, they can't really go and adapt Company X's style of knees, 'cause soon people would be blaming them of copying. ^^;

      I was a little weirded out by the knees at first, but once I got to see and handle them in person, I don't think they're that bad - especially considering how stable and poseable they are (the 40cm girls' knees always drove me crazy, so these are a huge improvement compared to those). And yeah, they even posted in the news about how they've read customer feedback about the knees and are making the line softer, so... I'm sure they'll be prettier. ^^

      I shared my Cecily in our tumblr blog, but I thought that I'd post her photo here as well. :3

      I named her Hesperie, as I have a small Greek mythology theme going on with my fantasy dolls.
    15. Ooo Mizya, I love your Cecily! That faceup is gorgeous. Definitely makes me more excited for the potential in my incoming Cecily. ^^
    16. What skin color is Cecily in her promo pictures? At first I thought it was the normal gray skin, but that is not an option. They only offer her in gray (UV). There's also a new skin tone called "Sweet Blue" - could that be it?
    17. Calfuray, yes, she's the sweet blue tone.

      I took some Prisca photos yesterday and posted them to the gallery (link)

      I know it'll be a while, but I hope everyones dolls arrive soon and we'll see lots of different stylings for these girls. x3

      I'm also excited to see what Withdoll has planned for the limited release. Will there be armours? Shoe parts? Weapons? Something else?
    18. She's so gorgeous, Yenna! And really, with the face-up you gave her, I think she really could be an older version of your character, like perhaps she softened a little as she got older. Either way, just stunning!

      I'm curious to find out what else they have planned for the fullsets too. They posted the teaser for Cecily and it looked different than their usual stuff (she looks like a ghost or somesuch!) I really want more. ^^ Really can't wait for my girl to arrive too, but I'm expecting a wait of three months or more...
    19. That's Pretty!!:)
    20. Yup, but she's a younger version of Prisca. With the huge eyes and rounded face, there's no way she can look older than the mini version. But it's good, since the older Prisca has armours and weapons and such, and this younger one can now interact with her Super Gem sized mother (owned by Mizya). :P She's a bit of a princess still, while her older version is much more independent.

      Thank you. ^^

      The right size eyes finally arrived today, but I'm still not happy with her wig, because the quality isn't very good... oh well. I hope the weather gets better so that i can take more photos of her soon. I'd also like to find nice fabrics to make a variant version of this dress for her.