WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. Yeah... I am really saddened with this change. I struggled a LOT too, which is unusual because I've had dolls with hook hands plenty of times before, and I never had any issues. Withdoll seems pretty adamant about not bringing magnetic hands back, which makes me so sad because second to their face sculpts, the hands were my favorite things about their dolls - beautifully sculpted, easy to use.

      If I could have bought the hands/wrist balls separately I would have used them in a lot of hybrid bjds a long time ago, so this really bums me out. Other than Fairyland - who doesn't sell the wrist balls - I can't even think of any other company with magnetic hands off the top of my head... I can think of several small artists but that's it. Maybe I should ask resinsoul if that's something they'd want to do because I'd be all over that, lol... Though taking the hands on and off with Resinsoul is really easy... you can just let the s hook stay put when dressing and then worry about it... Withdoll is a whole different story though, it seems. I got hand paddles to see if it would help, and I imagine in some cases it could... but it didn't work out as well as I was hoping lol.
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    2. My withdoll Ruby was my first BJD so I thought that it was just my noobness that made the hands difficult.... I bought paddles too however even Withdoll S hooks seem a weird size; I bought spare ones from Volks (all of the size hooks they had) and nothing worked well for me either @Epona - it was a real struggle! Kinda glad to hear its not just me but also sad to hear as I really love everything else about the doll. Magnetic hands would be awesome!
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    3. Ruby was my first bjd, too! I don't have her anymore, but she's still my profile picture... I should probably update it sometime... lol. Ruby is a great doll!

      I got my hand paddles from synthetic ephemera on instagram in the msd size off of her store, and they work, as long as the sleeves or whatever aren't SUPER tight because of the width of the paddles... But it's also hard to suggest paddles in general when just changing the hand of the doll is so hard to do in the first place. It's like the tension in one arm is ok to change the hands, but the other side? Really, really tight on both of my dolls, making it REALLY difficult. Both of them basically on chipped in the same spot because of the s hook I think... the s hook slipped and I couldn't get the hand on properly... so... that's a thing to be warned about, I guess ^^' I basically cried after it happened and... yeahhhh.

      The tightness could be a stringing issue but I have no idea how to string the new body to try to fix it anyways, and if withdoll did it like that on both dolls, idk what my chances would be anyways. I guess I'll probably be mostly admiring other people's withdolls from the side at this point xD
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    4. Yes I totally love my Ruby - she is great! Changing hands left me a shaky, sweaty, anxious mess - I will definitely be more prepared next time thanks for the warning @Epona I wouldn't want to chip her. And there are clothes she just wont ever wear. Very strange!
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    5. I actually really love Ruby, I'm so glad that I have her and the Elf Hunter Emma. She's honestly so beautiful and was a bit of a grail for me to get the Elf eared version.

      But yes, magnetic hands make life so much easier when changing doll clothes. I own 9 MSD dolls, and only my RS doll, and my new Ruby doesn't have magnetic hands.

      Especially because Minifee are so popular, so people know that they can make the wrists tight in those clothes, because Minifee owners can just pop off the hands no worries.

      So even though I own a LOT of doll clothes, finding stuff to fit her has been a hassle. I think I'm going to have to make her stuff.

      Also the new body is so tall, which is awesome for my new character, but adds another issue with finding things to fit, because things are just too short on her as well.
    6. I'm not sure why you're having trouble changing the hands? It should be really simple as long as the strings aren't too tight, which shouldn't be the case straight from Withdoll. I usually change my dolls to thicker string but I haven't done that yet with my new body, so I made a quick video on how to change the hands with or without tools. Using the hooks that came with the doll, which are in my opinion, really good: right size and easy to fit on the hand itself without extra fiddling.

      (Sorry, I don't know how to add text to youtube videos anymore. There's two videos in this one: first with just hands and then with some kind of a tool (a paintbrush is usually a good shape))

      If you can't do it or one hand is tighter than the other, you should probably unstring the arms and position the knot properly -or change the string altogether. I also took a video of disassembling and re-assembling the body but it's not the best cause I don't have a camera with an autofocus or a good space/light to take a video but it should help. If there's interest, I'll edit it, but the arm assembly really doens't differ from most other BJDs and shouldn't cause any problems.

      Something I also do for putting on tight sleeves (if I don't have paddles or fist hands etc) is I take the hand off and in the place of the hook, I put in a long piece of string. I then let go of the elastic (=let it retract into the doll), put the clothing piece on, pull the elastic back with the string I attached and then re-hook the hand. A little more complicated than just taking off a magnetic hand but it's really not that hard as long as the arms aren't too tightly strung.
    7. Changing from one hand to another is a little bit of hassle when you are used to magnetic hands. But it is doable.

      But honestly it is a bit more tricky to take them off just to dress a doll, and I change my dolls clothes a lot, and that is the main issue I am having. I know about the ribbon trick, because I often trust using a ribbon more when I am putting the hands on and off. So if I can I am going to avoid buy clothes with tight wrists for my new girl.
    8. I'm just using those fist hands to put on tight sleeves (like the ones in the vid). They're so tiny, that unless the sleeve is super, super tight, they go through very well.

      But yes, for the others too: if the hands are so tight that you can't grab the elastic (or only one is), it's time to re-string the arms and either re-position the knot or change the string. There should never be a need for the elastic to be so tight that it can't be handled without tools or at the very least some kind of a stick.
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    9. Thanks so much for that @Yenna - the stringing is straight from withdoll however looking at her again I think maybe she is strung a bit tight in the arms as I really struggle to even pull one hand in particular enough so that I can even see any elastic. Time to get some elastic
    10. You're welcome @ajmailey. It's definitely not good if you can't do it easily.

      So, like I said, I did a video yesterday of the unassembly and re-assembly of the new body. And seeing as the knot was in the wrong thigh, I must've re-strung and possibly changed the strings myself when I got the body (never noticed that the other thigh is made bigger for the knot). I just have no recollection of doing that, lol. Still, the strings weren't completely even so it was good to re-do it. I have the videos edited but the quality isn't that good cause I had to use a huge ISO as there wasn't much light and I don't have a camera with autofocus for video. So some stuff is a bit off-focus and bit off camera as I also can't see the viewfinder when I shoot (older DSLR xD). I would've sped up some parts that took me ages but I don't have a proper video editing software for that so, ehh, I'm gonna be wasting your time too.

      Still, should give a clear enough picture of how the doll is constructed, how to take it apart and put back together again. Especially without proper tools. What's a string puller? I don't know. xD I've been in this hobby for 15 years and forever too cheap to buy one. In many cases it would've saved so much time and effort, though in some cases a simple string is better.

      Here's the first video:
      Unassembling the new Withdoll junior girl body

      And here's the assembly:

      There are timestamps in the description and turning on captions will have some description and comments but other than that should be pretty self-explanatory. The body really isn't much different from other fairly normal bjd bodies. The only things that change pretty much is how the legs are strung: from neck to feet or foot-to-foot with a separate torso string. I made sure to assemble it in a way that it's easy to keep the tension even in all the limbs and not have one really tight and other loose.

      If you can't do all of that with your strength alone (holding the doll down with your foot/legs while pulling is a good way too), the string is definitely too tight or just too thin or doesn't have the right firmness to it. It should be changed in those cases. :3 Stringing a doll or changing a body part shouldn't be a chore that leaves you in tears, if it does: change the strings! xD
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    11. Great pair of videos @Yenna. You make the entire process seem very simple--all except for removing the butt flaps, which seems to require a bit of strength. I'm glad I viewed these before attempting any restringing on my own. The torso string is so well hidden I would probably have broken something trying to get it out.

      I have two string pullers but tend not to use either one. (For those who have never seen one, a string puller is a length of straight wire with a hook at one end. The other end is affixed to a wooden handle for comfort in holding.) I use hemostats instead, which I find more maneuverable and which clamp securely so I needn't fear dropping the elastic. Like you, I use ribbon to thread the string through the body parts, but I take the extra step of threading the ribbon through an embroidery needle. It makes quick work of sending the ribbon through narrow parts like arm pieces. I'm a total fumble-fingers otherwise.
    12. Thanks so much @Yenna - seeing this done definitely gives me more confidence. I am also totally in love with the grey skin - I think its going on the list! A ribbon seems a much softer and less dangerous tool than wire also; I had a nightmare last night that I chipped my DC kid body down his entire chest (I love my dolls I promise!). Thanks for the tip about needle @vermont chick - I would struggle with the arm pieces for sure. I was also wanting to learn to restring as I would like to clean and spray her body with MSC just to protect her. The butt flaps would have have me stumped for sure!
    13. @vermont chick Tbh, they shouldn't require that much strength, I just couldn't figure out which way to pull them to get them off in the best way. It is more strength than for the average piece but it shouldn't be a workout. I have done it with less effort but didn't happen on camera this time. xD Also, I think you can help push the other one from the other side once you have one out. Though, one is usually enough for you to maneuver the torso string if it needs changing, but you definitely can't get to it without removing at least one side.

      Ahh, a needle might be nice for some tight places like the shoulders. My ribbon is pretty easily maneuvered through straight spaces but bends are difficult. Don't know why I never thought of that. I guess I just like to suffer and spend too much time on things that could be made easier. I don't own any hemostats either so everything is pretty much the string and a stick method. Hasn't let me down yet. xD I have one of those big dull-ish needles made for repairing woolen socks etc. (don't know what it is in english) that would be perfect for this and my ribbon will fit through the eye too.

      But I'm glad if that was helpful. :3

      Oh right, I also received samples of the new skintones with my new head and took a few photos. Gonna try and see about a better comparison later this spring when I get another tan doll:

      Worth noting that the 2013 samples are pretty old and though they've been stored in the dark all this time, they will have yellowed. But I was really pleased to see that the new normal skin is pretty much a match with bimong oriental skin and suits many of my older normal skin dolls very well too. :3 As I personally prefer a creamier tone since they will have the least change over the years as they yellow. <3 Whereas red-toned colors lose the red pigments pretty fast and have a more drastic change overall.
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    14. @Yenna - I did wonder, while watching the video, why you didn't just push the second butt flap from the opposite side. Let's hope the pieces are tight only because they're new. After they've been removed and replaced a few times they may come out more easily.

      Are you thinking of a darning needle? They come in various sizes, thicknesses and materials (plastic, metal, wood). Some have a slight curve at the sharp end, although I imagine those might have trouble navigating narrow channels.

      Thank you for the photos of skin color samples. My older normal dolls pretty much match the new normal. It's easy to forget how much pinker they were when they were new.
    15. Hi, I just got an old Nana and I love her! She has found her style and I didn't have to change her faceup at all.
      She is wearing a wig I had to sew smaller to fit better, SOULinaBOX eyes and her outfit was made by me yesterday.
      She is still a great shade of gray and her boyfriend is very happy she is home.
      [​IMG]Noori's warm woolies by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      More photos of her and her boyfriend on my Flickr.
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    16. Does anyone here have experience removing the stopper in the msd boy body? I got him back in 2017, I think it's the current body available. I believe someone here referred to doing it a few years ago, but not anything on how. (That I saw, anyway.) I'd like that extra little bit of movement I think it would give, especially with sueding. I'm not sure what glue is used, if heat would help or if I just have to hack at it with a dremel. I did try to pop it off a while ago but was worried I'd cause damage. Any advice is appreciated.
    17. @Allavii I've removed mine by pushing a blunt kitchen knife in the space between the pieces and just carefully rocking it back and forth (in several spots) until it comes loose. Sometimes it can take a long while, but with enough patience the glue will give out eventually. Just don't do it with too much force or you might cause something to crack. If it's absolutely refusing to move, I usually go for the freezer method to try and loosen the bond in the glue and try again (but then you have to be even more careful with the pieces).
    18. Can anyone share a pic of their Withdoll girls in a Raouken minifee corset please? Thank you in advance!
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    20. Thank you!!!