WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. No problem, are you thinking about getting one for your own doll?
    2. I’m thinking of getting a grey elf Emma when she pops up either second hand or through WD. I have 12 corsets already. :p
    3. I have both busts on the older bodies too, and both are okay in the corsets. The bigger bust fits them a little better though!
    4. Thank you so much! You’re so kind. :)
    5. I know both me and @cheesedemon88 are really happy to help owners out with things like this.

      Are you thinking of the new body, or older body?
    6. I don’t really care, I just want her in grey with elf ears. I might have to wait for Withdoll to release her again though.
    7. She's a really nice sculpt, I fell in love with her right away and got her in Rosy Brown, but the grey is a really lovely colour too!
    8. I’ve had an Angela in Rosy Brown and it was too dark for me. I also had a Kiara in grey that was just lovely. I wish I’d never sold her.
    9. Fair enough, I really liked the Rosy Brown for the doll character.

      But I do think they grey is also lovely, I have that for a Priscilla I have.
    10. I saw her on Instagram. I wish you’d post more pics of her.
    11. Which one? Because I have been posting a couple of recent pictures of my Rosy Brown girl. Although I will admit that there's been a big gap.

      But, the other girl I'm wanting to sell. So I'm not really inspired to take pictures of her anymore.
    12. Your grey Priscilla is so lovely. Do we know if the old armor pieces fit the new body?
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    13. Thank you so much. I think she's a really pretty sculpt too.

      I know because the legs are different, the boots do not fit for sure. I was curious about that myself, because my Ruby's character is actually a Paladin. So armour would have been perfect.
    14. Here's my Emma--neither gray nor an elf, unfortunately. She is wearing a new dress I crocheted over the past two weeks.
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    15. That's a really great dress though! I love seeing what people make for their dolls.
    16. That’s an amazing dress!
    17. Thanks! I wanted something that would conceal the fading on her lower arms and legs. I made up the pattern as I went along.
    18. Oh it so clever that you made it up as you went along!
    19. That is a pretty dress, I also love the wig.
    20. I had to. Most times there isn't a pattern for what I want to do.:lol:

      Thank you. The wig is "Elsa" from Monique Gold.