WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. It is cool that you can just make what you like to fit what you want for your doll though.
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    2. It’s a talent I wish I had. Your work is lovely.
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    3. Hey everyone! Uhm, so I went to do and ask Withdoll a question on their Q&A board, and I was wondering, how am I suppose to read their reply...? Whenever I put my password in, it won't let me read it :(
    4. That is weird, I checked and I can read my messages including the ones that requires password input. Are you logged into the site?
    5. I am - I even copy and pasted my password and it's the same issue, so I'm not sure why. :c I decided to send them an email and see if that works, although I am not sure how frequently they check it.
    6. @Epona Their reply should also be in your email as long as you put it in when you wrote your original question. The only problem is that it usually always goes into the junkmail folder because of the system they use.
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    7. Thankyou Yenna! I was thinking it was weird I had no emails from it, but I figured that maybe Withdoll didn't send any... I didn't even think of my spam folder XD;

      For those curious, it seems they're not planning on adding a "normal pink" option (their new normal is very pale and yellow, though maybe they would reconsider if a lot of people asked about it), but they plan on releasing Kiara as a basic sculpt later this year and may consider a special skin event for JWDs ^^
      I'll have to keep an eye out... hopefully my current layaway with DDE for a minifee and some doll leaves will be done by then, lol.

      I am not a fan on the new "normal" resin color so I might have to look into dyeing dolls or something, though, unless I get tan or grey dolls during the (hopeful) event... I'm really bummed it seems real-uv was discontinued though (unless they do it during that event I guess, lol); that was probably my favorite color offered.
    8. I wonder if WD's new normal is a reaction to how the resin color changes over time. I notice my old normal dolls have all mellowed. Even the real-uv has faded. If they can't nail down a more permanent pink--red tones are always the first to fade--then removing the pink from their color recipe may be their answer. Just a thought.
    9. possibly... the new yellow is so pale and light though, honestly it just makes me think of jaundice when there is nothing else in the color mix.
      Pretty much all dolls yellow over time, though, so that doesn’t really bother me unless they start to turn into a really funky color for some reason - which I haven’t seen as an issue for withdoll personally, but it’s hard to say what inquiries they’re getting from other people, I suppose.
      It does feel a little weird when they won’t have a pinker option but they have 3 shades of white resin, lol. I saw some theories that maybe they changed it for hybrids but I am not sure what company it would be a match to since it’s so pale.

      I am crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll release kiara as a human and an elf like Ruby, though!
    10. It likely is just that. I had that new tone of skin from them years before they did this normal skin change (custom order for me) and it has yellowed beautifully so far and matches with many of my older dolls. It's actually a pretty much spot on match with bimong's newish oriental skin too and my older d-storic ivory Narae (also a fairly good match with 15yr old dream of dolls). As well as a very old angelregion head that I hybrided with the Withdoll body. The more creamy normal skin used to be popular for a long time, then came the pinky trend, but people are now noticing that the red will fade the fastest. So, in a way they go through the biggest change in comparison to tones that are already cream based.

      Of course it's a personal preference what you like, but the longetivity and yellowing may have been a factor for the change. Or then it's just easier to mix the same every time.
    11. My girl Noori went on an adventure with her boyfriend, it was magical.
      [​IMG]thisway3 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    12. I wanted to share my Andromeda with you all.

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    13. Ooh, lovely! That's a great combination of colors on her.
    14. Thank you!
    15. [​IMG]
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    16. Love these two!
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    17. Hanging out with Marlowe! Planning on blushing his hands and giving him a manicure soon, just waiting for my new brushes to come in.
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    18. Stunning!
    19. I asked withdoll if they would consider making a jwd version of the Vera elf version, and they seem to be open to the idea, so I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else wanted to show their interest in a jwd Vera as well. n__n
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