WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. @Musume Thank you! I haven't actually planned an outfit for her yet. I'm still thinking of what I want to make for Elf Egon. One of these days I will simply disappear under a big pile of fabric!

      @Wheatear Hooray for another Elf Hunter Ruby! One reason I chose the Real Skin was because I wasn't sure Withdoll would adjust the makeup colors on lighter skin dolls. I didn't want a cream white or normal skin girl with those brown lips. You are so lucky to have a boyfriend who can make bows and arrows for your elves. I had to order mine from Withdoll. Once I see what they look like, I may try making another set from polymer clay. Fingers crossed.

      Yesterday I redid Dark Elf Angela's faceup. Here she is with Emma.
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    2. *runs around the room excitedly*
      My best friend offered to get me an Elf Emma as a (super) early Birthday/Christmas present!!!!! :D

      Going to be ordering her this weekend in Brown Tan UV on the Large bust body. The two other WD girls I have are small bust which I think is super pretty but I am excited for some variation <3

      However my Elf Emma head is destined to go on the Brown Tan UV male body that I got my Egon on and my Egon head will be going on the new female body XD Egon's eyes came in a bit bigger than I had thought they would, and since I already have 2 girl human Emmas I think having a boy one will be fun owo
    3. Congrats @Alaia ! What an extra special Birthday/Christmas present! Now that is a true best friend.

      Love your plans to switch heads and bodies, too. I can't wait to see the photos when you get them all settled.
    4. @Wheatear congrats!! Real Skin looks great!! The glitter silver shoes are amazing, I have them and call them cinderella shoes xD
      And that is such a sweet boyfriend!!

      @vermont chick I think I will dissapear in the same way, ahahaha!!
      Your girls look so good together. Love their faceups!

      @Alaia wow that is awesome, congrats!!! I have a brown tan uv, and love that skin tone!! I can't wait to see the body swap you will do!
    5. @vermont chick @Musume

      Thank you both! The two will be brother and sister and I am so exciteeedd <3 Very eager to be able to order Elf Emma this weekend >w<
    6. I just added myself to the Withdoll Waiting Room AAAHHHH!
    7. [​IMG]

      My girl is finally complete. Got her back from Darjeeling Aesthetics and she's perfect. ^_^ I was so afraid I'd never find a look for her and fall out of love.
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    8. @Alaia yay, congrats!!

      @PChu wow, she looks stunning!! Congrats on getting her back!!
    9. @Musume
      Thank you! I am really excited to have dolly siblings~ And the romantic interest for Imirie (Egon) is already on layaway, he will be a Luts MDF Avalanche owned by my fiance, AjiAji.

      And thanks to SOMEONE'S (*wink wink*) super awesome Mature Mini List we already know that Mirdain's(Elf Emma) romantic interest will be an Ella from Aquarius Doll. ;D
    10. @Alaia hahaha, I'm so happy it helped that much!!! It appears that I'm slowly graduating on being a dolly enabler xD
      I still need to make the Mature Mini Boys List! I have it on works, though.
      I'm sure the two couples will look awesome. Please do share pictures when you have them!!
    11. She's absolutely beautiful, @PChu!

      I love that kimono on her, as well.
    12. @PChu Your girl looks beautiful, it's great that you could finally bond with her ;)

      I'll be paying off my layaway by the end of this month and I'm so excited for my Priscilla! At least the seller's from Germany too so I won't have to wait too long until she's with me :whee: She'll be my first doll to be rather personal - representing parts of myself - so I entitled her "Nameless".
    13. @Kitsune88 wow that is great, congrats!!
      And I think that she will be a very interesting doll, story-wise. I hope you will share more about her when you get her!!
    14. My Egon girl hybrid Xadadoll 1/4 body B. :D
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    15. She is super pretty!
    16. @AmberRM so pretty!!! love that hybrid!!
    17. They are so different! They remind me Soom Onyx promo, like day and night!
    18. They do look like night and day, don't they? It could almost be two photos combined into one, but it's really one photo of both girls standing side-by-side near a window. Emma glows in the light while Angela absorbs it but doesn't reflect it back.
    19. @vermont chick but they look awesome together!! I think it is also how they are looking, one to the sky, the other to the ground. Lovely <3
    20. Thanks @Musume - What's funny is that I don't remember consciously posing them that way. :lol:
      It will be interesting when Elf Hunter Ruby joins the group, because she is coming in Real UV. At some point I'm going to have a full spectrum of colors.
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