New Doll [WITHDOLL] New limited dolls [Cats] will be released soon!

Aug 28, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Withdoll 16cm New Limited Edition [Cats] will be released soon!
      Siamese cat, Turckish Angora, and Russian Blue were a motif.
      Also, Halloween Event ends at the end of the month.
      Please give us your interest and support.

      [Halloween Event]

      Period :
      ~ 08.31.2016

      Detail :
      01. Sale of the Halloween Limited Ver. Ruby, Emma, Cathy
      02. Mileage Event of the Halloween Ver. Limited Doll
      ; We save 10% of your purchasing price into your account. (Only Head and Body)
      If you pay full price and we leave 10% of that in your account as a credit
      03. Pumpkin Head Available for Ruby, Emma, Cathy




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    2. Do you know if the [cats!] Have soft bodies or are ball joint dolls wearing outfits? I can't tell from the picture.

      I am crazy about the cats!
    3. They would be BJDs in outfits. Soft body dolls are not on topic for DO A.