Would You Buy a Doll with Scented Resin?

Mar 2, 2021

    1. I'm also highly sensitive to scents and have symptoms ranging from migraine to extreme tiredness to nausea. I'd hate to wind up having to leave a doll meet-up (post-pandemic) just because someone's doll was making me ill. So naturally, I think it's a bad idea.
    2. I'm also another person who isn't a fan of artificial scents, and not being able to smell the doll beforehand would drive me nuts since I wouldn't be able to tell if the scented resin would bother me or not.

      I really like the idea of using tea bags in with my dolls' clothes. I personally don't really like the "new resin smell" that one of my dolls has, as it smells very toxic like gasoline to me. I'm sure eventually I'll have a positive association with the smell and maybe begin to like it, but right now I really don't like it. So I've been looking for ways to clear out the scent from my doll, and was debating getting one of those carbon pouches to neutralize scents.

      I think once I have the bad scent under control, adding a new better scent with like tea bags in the box I keep all their clothing in--that might be a nice way to have my dolls smell nicely in a non-artificial way.
    3. Interesting concept!
      I think I would not buy a scented doll because I don't feel like scented resin would give the doll any additional value (plus I think it would cost more and I wouldn't be interested in it because I don't want to pay for things I don't need/want). People have so different preferences so for example, a doll smelling like lavender could ward off buyers who love the sculpt but can't stand the smell of lavender. And some people can't stand any perfumes or scented deodorants and strong smells because they may get nausea or migraines because of it, so I think that scented dolls would be a big NO NO then.
    4. I made a wig for my doll and decided to try spraying it with my own dove hairspray to set. Its the best smelling hairspray ever. My doll has smelled like the hair spray for a few weeks and it was great! Its faded away now but re-applicable when I like. A happy discovery overall.
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    5. This! ^

      I think the idea of giving scent to the dolls clothes using things like teabags, scented woods etc. in the box with them is a much better idea. Transfered smells like that tends to be a lot less overpowering and easier to get rid of later. The dolls themselves may take on the smell temporarily if left in scented clothes for long, but it would be a tranfered smell and would air out over time.
      Being mindful of the scents used when going to meets is a good point too. We tend to forget about the smells we are used to and it's easy to not realize that the scent that you can barely feel can still cause issues for someone else.
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    6. Okay, so in Magical Ideal World, where the scent doesn't affect the quality of the resin, AND the resin used doesn't have that "new resin smell," I would LOVE scented dolls. Imagine if we could pick the fragrances! Like picking out your character's signature cologne!

      I have a habit of keeping lavender and rosemary sachets in my dolls clothing trunk, so they usually smell a bit like that. But what if there were more options available! Ooo, I love the idea! I would especially love if the scent options weren't just simple things like cedar or rose, but more complicated, perfume-like scents. Nevermind how we'd go about testing those scents in such an online-order based hobby, lol. Maybe we could buy sample chips of scented resins from the companies?? Lol, I'd develop a collection just of the scent samples! :sweat

      (Fun Fact: Like a lot of people, I also get migraines triggered by certain smells. But I'm super lucky, and so far the "trigger smells" are limited to nag champa incense, very specific artificial vanilla scents that aren't commonly used anymore, and most artificial cinnamon smells. Those stumbling blocks are pretty easy to avoid, so I've wound up obsessed with perfumes etc despite technically having a sensitivity issue, lol.)
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    7. Get me a doll that smells like a lemon meringue pie and I will never complain ever again....about anything.:XD:
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    8. Personally, it would depend on the scent. If it was a scent I liked, probably.

      But then again, I'd have to fall in love with the doll first. Chances are, if that happened, I wouldn't care what the scent is, if it was one I didn't like, I would just keep it in a plastic bag.

      Now, to read and see what others said, since I wanted to give a true answer first. :)

    9. I usually like scented products, as I don't have an issue with scents. But I feel like a doll with a smell may be kind of off-putting to me, and may even influence the character design a little too much. Also, how long would it last in plastic? Presumably not long.
    10. So much scent sensitive solidarity :D I wouldn’t by a scented doll I was on the fence about and if I did they would probably live in baking soda for a while. The hard part is some scents effect people differently, I enjoy my hand made wigs smelling like mint from the cleaning products I use, but for me natural scents that don’t have to be chemically created are fine 99% of the time. I think scented wigs and clothes would be more fun for more customization control :3nodding:
    11. I think it could be interesting to have a scented satchel in the doll's headcap or something, nothing artificial, but essential oils and herbs or some such as a way of bringing a character more to life or something. Or just to smell good :D
    12. Probably not. I'm not scent sensitive or allergic, per se, but I am very scent-oriented and I'm a bit fussy about which smells I like and dislike and how much of a smell I can stand. A doll that's scented would probably either never get played with, get sold quickly, or would end up taking a kitty litter and baking soda bath until the scent went away.
    13. Yesssss I would want strawberry, vanilla, and certain floral scents. The sculpt would have to be pretty though for me to buy it. The scent is an added bonus.
    14. LOL, what a unique question. Honestly, many scented items really don't retain their smell for long...but if I bought a doll that smelled like chocolate chip cookies, I'd enjoy it for as long as it lasted. :lol:

      Not so much cheeseburgers, though..
    15. The idea of having a scent associated with a doll is cute, but like many people I'm easily bothered by strong/unnatural scents so I probably wouldn't take the chance on it.

      I do like this idea of teabags in with the doll clothes. I love the smell of tea leaves, and my doll clothes box smells way too much like detergent right now, so I might try it.
    16. Personally I wouldn't mind. As long as it was a gentle smell and not overwhelming.

      I think it would be fun to give a doll a scent that matched the personality they have. I could totally imagine my one doll smelling like bacon!

      As for the fading over time: it might take a lot longer than expected. Out of curiosity I just grabbed an OT doll off of the shelf that I know was scented when purchased about 20 years ago. He's been sitting out in the open this whole time, and yes, he still has scent!
      Another OT I have that was purchased back in the 80's still has her original baby powder scent. I'm not her original owner, so I don't know if she was protected in such a way that would have retained it, but That's around 35 years for her.

      But, to be fair, neither are resin. I have no idea how much scent one type of plastic could retain over another.
    17. I don't think so. Scented resin wouldn't really be a selling point to me. As I've aged I've also gotten more sensitive to smells. It'd likely turn my stomach especially the first time I open the box.
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    18. I'm a indie perfume collector so... maybe? I wouldn't be opposed to it.
    19. Definitely not- I'm very sensitive to scents, real or artificial, and they can be a migraine trigger if they persist too long.
    20. But I already love the smell of new resin! I just don't see myself going out of my way to buy a doll with a scented resin. I don't feel like it's a feature I'd ever look for.
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