Would You Buy a Doll with Scented Resin?

Mar 2, 2021

    1. For me it would depend on scent. Most time I CANNOT stand the smell of fake chocolate it makes me nauseous, the smell of "new car" also makes me dizzy and I feel sick. If it were something like mint or fruits id be fine with it, florals smell like lavender and rose are nice too. The scents should also be related to the dolls sculpt or character, not just pointless. And it would be appreciated that the scents were not crazy strong to a point that they give me a headache.
    2. I don't mind fake scents in small amounts (unless it's food related, then I don't like them at all) so I honestly wouldn't mind if the 'new resin' smell were to somehow be magically replaced with something more pleasant.
    3. I would not mind a scented doll for nostalgia reason because they would probably remind me Strawberry shortcake and her friends from the early 80's. It would be kind of a novelty kind of thing and if the scent disappeared after time I would be okay with that.
    4. Absolutely not. I hate scented dolls and stuffed animals. It's an interesting idea though.
    5. New resin and resin kept in enclosed spaces smell horrible. I wouldn’t mind if it was lightly scented with something more pleasant instead.
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    6. I don't think the scent would stay in the resin very long but I do like the idea. I actually have 1 doll who has a satchel of lavender in his chest cavity so he always smells calming and floral.
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    7. Do not know if it would even stay on/in the resin for long, it would maybe even smell bad if it was stored away? I think only the outside would release scents. Maybe small scent packets inside the doll? Little pockets in the chest or head so its easier to pull in or out.
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    8. Not if your sensitive and suffer with migraines it's too triggering
    9. Definitely not. As someone with allergies and who gets headaches easily from smells, I'd be too concerned about the scented resin messing with my sinuses.
    10. As other people have said, I am very sensitive to scent so I would most likely skip a scented doll but it’s a cute idea :)
    11. Nope. I have a family member who is very sensitive to smells. Perfumes give her a headache. And I live with a Beagle who loves sniffing everything. No scented doll would be safe around her!
    12. Maybe? I hate most mainstream scents (rose, strawberry, vanilla, lavender, etc), but the concept sounds fun. I have dabbed doll clothes with perfume to complement the character. I've got a dirt perfume (literally it smells exactly like soil) that I put on my vampire dolls clothes, because I think it's fun. I'm lucky in that scents don't usually bother me unless they're strong, but I can see why it'd a huge issue with someone more sensitive.
    13. No, absolutely not. Scent loses its scent and I wouldn't like to be left with a doll I don't like the scent of.
    14. I think itd be lovely!! pretty unique and could lead to interesting character traits
    15. I wouldn't want a scented BJD for a couple reasons. One, like many others here, artificial smells/perfumes give me migraines, and two, I'd be worried about the scent compounds weakening the resin or causing it to yellow faster. >.<
    16. id honestly love it if it went with the theme of the doll!
    17. if the smell is pleasant then yes! would love to have a doll smelling like cake :D but it would be overwhelming if I have 10 dolls with different smells.
    18. nah! the scents would fade over time and i'm too fond of fresh resin smell. it'd probably also trigger a headache something fierce if i decided to keep it out for more than a few minutes. i like the idea in theory though - lots of aesthetic potential!
    19. I enjoy the fresh resin smell, but as a very sensory person and a big user of essential oil diffusers and scented candles, I would DIE for a rose-scented doll. Like, die. Rose is my favorite scent, I want it everywhere all the time, lol. It would have to smell real, though; if it were artificial that would be terrible.
    20. Personally I would say no. If I like some scent I can apply it to wigs or outfits on my own, instead of something stable in the resin. This way I can reverse it whenever I get tierd of the smell. Anyway scent is really a personal preference that keeps changing.
      Also I don't think it is a wise option for companies to have. The small amount of customers pleased by the modification really don't justify the cost and risk incurred to create a new resin formula. I mean, some companies can't even get consistent and stable resin colors, how can I trust them not to create something funnier by adding even more chemicals to their resin pot.
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