Would You Buy An Unstrung Doll?

Jul 4, 2019

    1. I'm happy to get them unstrung if it reduces shipping costs.

      There's nothing complicated about stringing regular BJDs and usually a just bit of thought is all that's necessary for figuring out the stringing for a more complicated (centaur or whatever) body.

    2. I have hand strength issues now so, no it’s not something I’d buy personally. I used to have no problems though and bought a doll unstrung before. It’s not hard to string a doll, it just hurts me now to do it. So i prefer not.
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    3. Normally, I'd say I wouldn't mind an unstrung doll, but... I broke my wrist earlier this year and damaged some nerves at the same time. Now if I do too much that requires lifting or pulling with that wrist, the nerve damage acts up and my hand goes numb - which is not very fun. I found this out after restringing three and a half dolls a couple of months ago after finally getting around to dying them (already delayed by the broken wrist). I barely got the last one together because I was already feeling the effects, or in the case of the numbness, not feeling them? Needless to say, I didn't bother tightening the stringing on the last doll either. He kind of needed it but it'll be something that needs to wait.

      So, for the time being, I'd have to say that a seller shipping a doll unstrung to me would be a huge put-off.
    4. Since I like big dolls, the big boxes kind of build up. I like to keep company boxes, especially the nice ones with the special foam padding like Dollshe and Iplehouse do.

      But if I am buying secondhand and the seller doesn't have the original box, unstrung isn't a bad option since shorter shipping boxes cost less to mail.
    5. Last week I bought a doll unstrung. I brought a fairyline Minifee body with demon wings. I have strung active line and Moe line minifees but never a fairyline body and never any kind of wings and I have no clue how to string them either. Their very little information on YouTube on how to string her as well. This weirdly enough not a turn off for me buying a doll for me. I paid $13 instead of $50 for shipping and I cannot wait to figure it out.
    6. Just got my first bjd a couple months back and as soon as I got it the first thing I wanted to do was unstring him to see how everything worked. Being the paranoid sort, I also wanted to have a really good look at everything to make sure there was no hidden damage. I would be fine with buying an unstrung doll as long as either the company or person selling has L/R labeled on the parts so I don't have to do a bunch of guessing when putting things back together.
    7. I'd buy unstrung, but if the doll had ever been strung I'd ask for the old elastic to use as a template to cut the new.
    8. I would not buy unstrung. But that's because I've never strung something before. I'm scared to attempt it.. I would much rather pay more/extra for shipping it strung.
    9. Yes. Saving on shipping is worth the extra work. My problem is dissasambling the doll, except the easy parts like head, hands, feet. Assembling is OK and less stressful in my opinion.
    10. I've had to restring too loose or too tight dolls after purchase before anyway, so sure, why not? The shipping charges are a fraction of what they are for a strung doll.
    11. ^This. I like to be very hands on and if this means that I can get a bjd cheaper, that's a win-win for me :).
    12. Yeah I would. If its a doll I want. Especially yes if it were a kit that comes with all the proper elastic and s-hooks. I also wish companies would have an option to buy a kit. The only ones I know of are Alice in Labrinth and Soom does x-mas kits.
    13. Wow, thank you all so much for your input! I guess it's a preference as varied as anything else in the hobby, huh?
    14. If its a brandnew doll Id love for it to be strung and in a company box. :D But if its secondhand I dont mind it unstrung. Saves money from both expensive shipping fees and taxes!
    15. Absolutely! One of the first things I do when I get a new doll is re-string it. It helps me bond! I wish more companies offered a kit option from time to time.
    16. If it's not a Universe Doll, I think it can be a deal for me. :sweat But I am sure that I miss doll box. I like to store the doll in his original box.
    17. Yes, if it's make doll considerably cheaper. I always can find someone to restring doll for me, or do it myself, preferably. Reselling doll without a box could be tricky, but I rarely sell anything from my collections, so, it's not a dealbreaker.
    18. My very first BJD was a Christmas time kit from Soom. Since the kit didn't have a doll box, it was considerably cheaper than buying a full doll. It was a good learning experience to put her together. I wish more companies offered kit options, though I wouldn't want to have to string anything as tiny as a Puki Puki as soon as I got it.
    19. I don't mind unstrung dolls at all! Saves considerably on shipping, and since I usually take a new doll apart first thing to adjust the tension or do sueding an unstrung doll actually saves me a step.
    20. I'd definitely buy an unstrung doll, especially if it saved on shipping costs. Restringing isn't something that frightens me.