Would you ever do a duo cosplay with your doll?

Sep 6, 2019

    1. AAA I would love to see Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy cosplays of your dolls! I know most people like to stick with anime's or other medias that actually have a doll character in it (Which nothing is wrong with), but I would loved to see a doll decked out in the armor from Monster hunter! I bet it would be tedious to make so small but it would be so rewarding in the end! I wish you lukc with your projects and your very first doll!
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    2. I haven't done this, but my friend did! They cosplayed as Jack Frost and made a Toothina cosplay for their SD girl and had her propped on their shoulder for the day. Apparently, the way she was holding there turned out to be an issue: she was holding the doll at a slightly strange angle (hand up so the doll could rest her feet on her palm) so, after several hours of her arm like that, she went back to her room and set the doll down. She then moved her arm for the first time in HOURS and the rush of blood going back into her arm and hand made her so dizzy she hit the floor.
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    3. Same to you! <3 I saw you were planning to shell out Tetsuo from sweet pool! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Are there any models in particular you have your eye on so far? Do you also cosplay?

    4. thank you so much for your kind words!! i am feeling very inspired already :'D i originally thought of making my doll act on behalf of my palico, so their costumes would match mine, but wouldn't be as intricate - at least until my sewing skills improved! i would love to make them up as teensy hunters. as you said, it would be tedious but rewarding!
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    5. Thank you so much! I have a few sculpts in mind, though they would all need a little modding to fit better! (Like narrowing eyes or removing a smile) But I'm still on the look out before throwing myself into modding LOL since I've never done it! And I do! I cosplay Youji, which in turn made me want to get a Tetsuo doll!

      OHH the Palico idea would be so cute!! Or even making them like, a Palico like onesie! Yeah that would be a lot more friendly to your fingers then making a full set of Monster armor!
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    6. I don't cosplay, but your thread makes me wonder if anyone has ever done a Shadow of the Colossus cosplay where they dressed up as a colossus and had a doll "climbing" on them as the hero. :XD: Or a similar idea from another game...
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    7. I don't think I'd want to do a full cosplay with my dolls because I'm honestly not that interested in bringing them with me to a con. I'm also not super interested in dressing in the same outfit, though I can see how it'd be cute!