X2-TD dolls?

May 10, 2007

    1. I'm SOOOOOO glad I found this thread. I ADORE the clothing they have and the boots. I just have to figure out how to order from them now.:)
    2. I'm now lusting after Elizabeth ^_^
    3. OH MY!! Yeah they sooo remind me of DZ and i want a DZ soooo bad.. Their price if like whoa.. for what you get I want Gloria and Louis!!
      I'm in love..
      Now if i knew how to order and what not i'd be good (besides my lack of money)
    4. Ebay is the easiest way to get them :)
    5. Yeah, you can get Cain and Elizabeth there, too, even though the site says "Japan only." Or did last time I looked. I can't remember what the seller name is offhand but I think it turns up if you search the doll type.
    6. Wow, I really like cain! their clothes are cool too!...and so are the boots!
    7. cool! I must not find more dolls i want... but i have to say X^2 are wicked in person! I've seen them and man they are pretty ^^ I was going to get them instead of DZ at the start
    8. I just got the outfit and the boots with a little extra money I had saved up...couldn't pass up on the Louis outfit...to awesome!!!
    9. Sev wears the white outfit and I plan on getting Gloria and Louis sometime (and probably the girl white outfit too) :lol:
    10. I'm curious about the Limiteds and the other size dolls.
    11. i know this is a really old thread
      but i'm wondering how many here have bought an x2 doll
      i have an elizabeth head and i haven't seen other elizabeths here