Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. Ah, okay! Well cool. I don't feel that I missed out on any major discount then.
      Thank you so much for the information. :)
    2. Hi I was going to see if I can be any help I've done quite a few layaways with her anyway what part of Europe do you live in ? The higher shipping fee is only for eastern Europe and a few other places which if you live somewhere with a higher shipping fee instead of free shipping you get a 50% discount on your order Oh also if there is a doll or part not listed on their website it's best to email them this is also a good way to check prices since the sale price usually doesn't show till the item is in your cart
      I hope this helps some :)
      I feel like I'm forgetting something
    3. I got an email from Legenddoll last night. They have an anniversary sale from July 1st-15th. All non-limited dolls are 8% off. They do carry all the Xaga dolls.
    4. Just for Clover Singing. It's actually on one of the first banners on the main page. It says Free Shipping on Orders over $100. But... I just noticed, there is a disclaimer that if they are shipping to an "expensive" shipping area, you would only get a 50% discount. (As noted though, the prices on CS seem to be higher than other sites. So you may want to double check what you're paying before you place an order.)
    5. Eeeee I'm so excited, I just bought Skuld second-hand :) Does anyone have owner pictures of her?!

      She's almost here!

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    6. She's here!!

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    7. @Arekushia

      Is that A or B-type body?
      Please do a body review :) Xaga doll owner is quite rare here
    8. Ah she is lovely! So elegant <3
    9. I actually have no idea, the seller didn't say.
      I'll have to look up pictures and try to compare.
    10. Does anyone know how long it can take for a doll from Xaga to arrive? I'm thinking about a Xaga Doll Zoe, the boy version, but it seems like such a small company so I don't know how long it will take, or if the company is actually good to order from. What's your experiences on how the body poses and the stringing?
    11. Mine took 2 months from Legend Doll.
      It poses very well.
      I don't know about stringing because I asked it to be shipped unstrung.
    12. I have just ordered a little girl and they told me it will took arround 2 months or a little longer.
    13. That's not so bad. How is it stringed? S-hooks?

      Sounds nice. Are you happy with the service?
    14. Yes, regular S-hooks.
    15. I am curious, I was told their dolls can take up to 11 months to get here, it has already been about 5 months, the last time I bought from them the doll was in stock. How long did it take for some of you? I did get both from Mint On Card.
    16. I've seen some dolls come through really fast. I've been waiting for my Purple Black Obsidian July (ordered through legenddoll) since 5/3.
    17. Gotcha. I suppose we shall see. I was told December or January but honestly who knows. I have been playing "Which will come first the clothes or doll."
    18. This. My Bobby arrived after only 12 weeks; but I've seen tons of other people who waited 4 months or longer for their dolls.
    19. I would love to order a purple black Zoe, but I want my July to arrive first.
    20. Ugh, I got a message from LegendDoll last night. My July has arrived, but not her extra hands, so I'll have to wait 2 more weeks.