Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. Of course :)
      If it's less cloudy tomorrow than it was today, I'll take some in the afternoon :)

      The only real thing is her legs are quite long, but otherwise she seems good :3
    2. Thank you :)

      Xaga doesn't have clear standing body picture on their site. I'm really curious LoL.

    3. Wow, I totally forgot to come back to this. I'm sorry! I'll get to it this weekend, before she goes away for her new face.
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    4. Thnaks for the pictures, really helpful! It seems she stands alone pretty good and have a decent posability, isn't it?
    5. @astromayhem, on posability, can she hug her knees to her chest?
    6. She does! She's going to be restrung soon - she came with very tight limbs, but a very loose torso - but even with how she came from the company, she posed beautifully from the second I took her out of the box :)

      Afraid not - the mobility joint is only really for turning the legs; you can jar against it for certain angles, but it's best not to.
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    7. Ah, okay then. Thank you for the info. It's too bad, but I still want a Sheer. :)
    8. Has anyone seen Xaga Doll's new Aoi girl?

      She's too cute. :D
    9. She really is, @NekoNyanMew . <3 I like her eye shape a lot.

      I am personally quite taken with their May. 1/3 and 1/4 versions. xD

      I have 1/4 May on order, but 1/3 May is tempting. I'd love to see more owner photos of her.
    10. May is such a cutie, @wherethelilacsbloom! I can't wait to see your 1/4 May, and I think a 1/3 May would be perfect in your collection. Think of all the twinsies photos you could take. :D

      I'm glad you like Aoi, too. I'm thinking of putting her on my wish list.
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    11. Hi guys, do any of you have a Sally doll? I would love to see owner pictures of her
    12. Does anyone know if the 65cm girl body is actually 65 or is it closer to 62?
      I would like to get a ciel but 65 is just really tall compared to all my other girls.
    13. Hello everyone! I am super new to this hobby and my first doll is going to be a Ximigo. Anyone have one? And if so do you have pictures?
    14. Hey my sisters absolutely in love with camille would anyone happen to have her and any photos of her! Thanks <3

      I would also love to see Elsie if anyone has *^*
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    15. Has anyone got photos of the red obsidian boy body? I can’t seem to find any without clothes on, and I’d like to see the actual body.

      Thank you! :abow:
    16. I'm extremely tempted by Xagadoll Cecilia! I haven't seen any owner pictures of her yet, but that probably won't stop me if I decide to get her. I asked AC if she comes with hands that aren't fists, she emailed me this morning to say that she'll ask.
    17. I'm really hoping to order a Riko sometime this year! I just love those big eyes and that little mouth~ If I succeed in ordering her she'll be my first doll that I've bought with simply the intention of dressing her up in cute clothes with no intricate story or dolly universe :XD:

      I'd love to see owner photos of some of these sweet girls. It seems to be quite hard to find owner photos from this company, such a shame because all their dolls look so lovely.
    18. Hi! I'm saving to buy a Ted SP (she's so beautiful!) and I've been talking directly to them via e-mail, but it's so hard :vein I want to buy her through layaway (I want a customized order and other dealers won't take those kind of orders) and the answers always take a lot of time. At least I got the layaway fees (but it took a whole mont for them to answer), so now I'm waiting for the account, another month waiting and insisting :XD: patience will get me a new doll soon! (or at least this year)
    19. Anyone have the girl body version c? Would love to read your opinions on that body